Newbie Just about to start Radiotherapy

Hi all,


I’ve just finished six chemo treatments and about to embark on 20 radiotherapy sessions next week.  Is it as tiring as people say, as i have a approx hour drive each way to the hsoptial each day! 



Hi lilo , I’m starting 15 radiotherapy sessions on Monday 30th . I’ve been told it’s tiring . Luckily I don’t have as far to drive. We’ll have to compare experiences. Good luck x x

Most of it is not tiring, but you may get tired in the last week and for a couple of weeks afterwards.  I was told the symptoms peak about week after the end.

It is a weird type of tiredness. I was fine for first ten treatments then it started and it is just like someone has pulled a plug out on all your energy. It comes over you quite quickly and I used to sit for awhile and then was OK again. You will find that after treatment finishes you do feel tired in a normal way as well and need to rest a bit. What did not help me was my treatment was always between 4-6 pm so had to leave house at 3 pm to get there. Once it was over I used to make sure I had a rest in the afternoon.
What you must do is make sure you keep away from anyone with infections. The treatment does weaken the immune system. I did not have chemo and I know you have to be careful after that , but since my radiotherapy treatment I have a had chest/ sinus infection and a tummy bug and last week a UTI !. My GP says it is because of the cancer and subsequent treatment it has weakened me so be warned!. I get slightly obsessive with hand washing and my husband works at a day centre for older people and he has been " trained" with me nagging him to wash his hands when he gets in from work or even if he has just gone out somewhere. Even still I have picked up some bugs somewhere!. I have just bought some anti bacterial hand gel for my handbag as fed up being ill and on antibiotics.
It also takes awhile for your boob to cool down as all the cells are destroyed and the good ones replace themselves .
If you feel hot at bedtime get a chillow pillow. A lady on this site recommended it and it has been great as lovely to lie on and keeps the ’ sweats’ at bay. Helps me get off to sleep . Hope you all get on ok with your treatment. Best wishes, Katy.

Thank you for answering. I guess everyone is different so hoping its not too awful. Chemo has had its downsides but have managed to work through most if it and hoping rad will be the same. Start next Wednesday so will def share my experience. Thanks everyone x