Newbie, mammogram results today

Hi everyone,

I found a lump 21 days ago, its where my boob turns into my armpit, I’ve also had a small area of dicolouration for a few months but its nowhere near the lump.  I am 40, no family history of BC that I know of, and I’m bricking it.  I saw my GP the day after finding the lump and my appointment letter came through a week later - what a long week that was, but not as long as the wait has been since. I had a mammogram yesterday (not the easiest as I had tissue expanders put in when I 15 as I wasnt developing properly), and I’m off for my results today at 1.50.  I know there is a huge possibility it is absolutely nothing, and a very slim possibility it is something nasty, but I am so scared and can’t help over thinking the possibilty of Cancer and all that might entail



Hope you got on okay today xx