Newbie - mentally struggling

Hi all, so totally new to this (like everyone at some point!). Diagnosed mid Jan, started neo-adj chemo 28/1, had head shaved 10days ago and had cycle x2 last week. Mentally struggling to get through the days. Feel like i’m going insane, and have no place to turn but my own brain which is just full of anxiety/negativity. If I had a pound for everytime someone said, “listen to your body”, “take one day at a time”…

I’m really keen to understand how people are finding their way through it?

Hi Gemsy


Sorry to hear you’re having a difficult time. Its such a shock when you’re diagnosed. I was diagnosed in September, had skin sparing mastectomy on 26th September. I was initially told no chemo as I was low risk of recurrence and then, after I insisted on Oncotype DX test, I suddenly changed to high risk of recurrence in December and started chemo day after my birthday! I’ve really struggled to get my head around all this and it can get overwhelming.


Its so much to take in and can make you feel isolated as nobody around you truly understands what you’re going through. Well meaning people offer platitudes which aren’t really helpful!! Have you joined the January or February monthly starters thread? I’m in the december starters and Ive found it a great support as its other women who understand how frightened you really are, when to the world you may be putting a brave face on. As you are all starting chemo at the same time you go on the same journey even though you may have different diagnoses and chemo regimes. You can also asked to be referred for psycho-oncology counselling through your hospital (as I have) or counselling through your local cancer support centre or GP. There should also be local support groups such as bosom friends. In all of these arena’s you would be free to talk about how you are really feeling.


It can be overwhelming when I think about the whole journey ahead. I’m getting through this by trying to focus on 1 chemo at a time. But I have good time and bad times as many of my fellow december starters do. 


Hopefully you’re finding that just by writing your post its getting some of the anxiety out? I know it helps me!! xxxxx