Newbie starting chemo Friday

Hi there


I was diagnosed with bc in June, had a mx July. After an agonising wait for ct scan results was told my liver showed a grey area.

A PET scan and MRI and 3 truly terrible weeks later I was given all clear on liver (and elsewhere)

I am having a line fitted Thursday and chemo starts Friday.

Was very relieved after the results of liver scan and thought…OK lets get on with it, but as Thursday and Friday are approaching the old butterflies and cleaning the kitchen floor at 4 in the morning are back.

Sometimes still feels unreal this is happening. Fear of he unknown is the greatest I guess.

I have been following you all over the last couple of months (Hi Chezzap if you are listening, we had our mx at the same time) but have had head buried in the sand awaiting results, guess I felt now is the time to start facing it all!

Hi Gold,

So sorry you have to join this club no-one wants to join, but you have come to the right place for lots of support.  I am three years down the track from where you are, but can recall how horrid it was in those early days.


You might find it helpful to join the chemo thread for those starting in September (the August group has over 60 members and some have already had two cycles) which you can find here


Hope all goes well for you and in three years time you too are fit, well and happy.