Newbie to the group

Hello, I found out I had TNBC 2 weeks ago, and my 50th birthday is in 2 weeks, I am expecting to have started chemo by then - some celebration that will be!

My Mum had a hormone receptive BC in her 40’s and TNBC in her 70’s, so I have had the genetic test done, and am awaiting results.

I’ve had the heart and CT scans, and MRI is on Monday. First oncology meeting is Tuesday, all a bit overwhelming, although pleased it’s happening so quickly. I know I will need chemo, single (at least) mastectomy and probably radiotherapy to top the year off. 

Looking forward to reading tips from you all and joining the March chemo starter group. 

Thank you

Hi Clare

Sorry that you find yourself here but it is the best place - so welcome too. I understand the thought of all this tying in with your 50th birthday - my first chemo was a Christmas Eve. What a birthday celebration under lockdown anyway? Put your celebrations on hold till you feel like celebrating.

You sounded quite pragmatic about your diagnosis and what lies ahead. We all respond differently. I kind of numbed out and just let them get on with everything. My questions came later. Some people need to know everything to feel in control, some people have overpoweringly emotional reactions, some just roll up their sleeves and get on with it. You’ll find your own path and I can assure you, it may sometimes feel like sh** but it’s all manageable and we get through to the other side eventually. 

I wish you all the best in what lies ahead. It can be a bit of a rollercoaster, but with less predictability, so do everything you can now, while you wait for results and treatment plans, to focus on your emotional wellbeing so you’re in a stronger position when the demands get more demanding.

Take care xx

Hi Clare

So sorry that you find yourself here but as others have said, it’s such a helpful place to be. I was diagnosed with tnbc two weeks ago so we are on a similar timeline, I started chemo last week and have my second cycle tomorrow. First one was ok, haven’t suffered too badly and just feel the only way through is to take this one step at a time. I’ve also just had a birthday which didn’t feel much like celebrating though probably more to do with lockdown too! How did your appointment go this week? Do you know more about your treatment plan now? I found that once I knew what the plan was, it felt a bit easier - hope the same is true for you.

big hugs 

tg xxx 

Hi. I too have been recently diagnosed with triple negative ductal invasive BC. The lump was found incidentally at 1.8 cms. Nobody could feel it , which is scarey!

my treatment plan is wide local excision, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Worries me that the surgery will probably be 4 weeks away, which seems a long time. They have assured me nothing will change in that time but I am not so sure. 
hows the treatment going so far?