Newby to Eribulum

I’m due to start therapy on Thursday 22nd Nov. Have stage 4 with mets, liver, lung, kidney & bones. Just tried Capcitebene but mets slightly worse hence…
Started with mastectomy 22 years ago. Had Tamox, 3 x chemo, radio x 3, still on denosumab.
I really struggle with nausea, sickness, tiredness.
Just wondering if Pablociclb or Ribociclib possible as just available as at last week. Can’t say I’m looking forward to Erib hopefully I’ll perk up once it’s underway. Like to hear from other newbies or indeed old handsAll the best Joan

Hello Joan

Welcome to the forum. .real people here with real kindness and help.
Sorry about the return of bc …it’s a crafty little blighter that hibernates and then comes back after we thought we beat it.
There is a lovely thread here called " chemo buddy. .anyone on erubulin!" It’s under treatments …there are loads of lovely ladies there to support you with help …
Once again welcome xxx