Newcomer and very anxious

Dear All, Yesterday (03/05/11) I went to the breast clinic after being referred by my doctor for leaking breasts. I thought I’d be in and out quickly and that the doctor would just say it’s hormones or something, but ended up having a needle aspiration, mammogram and ultrasound; following on having a biopsy. I am going back tomorrow morning to have an ultrasound biopsy - this I am really anxious about. The doctor at the clinic who examined me said there’s a possiblity its cancer and to be prepared as he wasnt happy with the needle aspiration results. I think it’s bloody marvellous how quickly I was dealt with and sent for tests etc, but after today of pondering and a sleepless night lastnight, I feel the need to talk to somebody other than my family as I dont want to burden them with my silly thoughts of dying etc! The thought of leaving my family and daughter (19yrs) is tearing me up. I know from this forum that it helps to be more positive - usually I am - but with others, not myself.
Pat x


sorry you are here and having all of the worry, we all understand and have been there.

The pace at which things move is head spinning and although brilliant that things can be picked up and acted on so quickly it does leave you in a spin.

You are bound to think the worst - it’s human nature and you are naturally trying to work out what you’re dealing with and the best way to go about this. ‘Silly thoughts of dying’ - they may be but unfortunately it is the first thing to pop into your head and then it takes some shifting.

I’m not going to say, ‘don’t worry’ because you wont be able to stop yourself but most news isn’t the worst news. You are in the waiting bit, which we all recognise as the worst.

Try not to bottle stuff up - maybe call the hepline here or talk to your GP if you think friends and family are too close. It might help to think of some questions to ask tomorrow, this way you’ll feel like you’re doing something practical. i’m sure more people will be along in a bit to offer more support.

best of luck x

Hi Pat, you are in the most difficult part, which is waiting. Feel free to use the forums for saying how you are feeling - we all do from time to time. I certainly felt better (if massively shocked) once I had a complete diagnosis and treatment plan. very best of luck to you, Nicola