Newly Diagnosed - all at sea

I am sure what I feel is common.  I found a lump on 7th June whilst I way away (in the UK).  Went to my GP and she referred me.  Was seen on 7th July and had mammogramme, ultrasound and biopsies.  Was told on that day that ‘yes I had cancer’ and actually it was in both breasts.

I went back this week expecting to be told when I would be having mastectomy and/or lumpectomy ops.  In my head I was OK with this, I have had major gynae surgery so operations don’t phase me.  However was told I was having chemo for 18 -20 weeks.  This actually floored me more than the initial diagnosis did! Waiting now to go to the Oncolgy dept/Chemo nurses for the next steps. 

Reading lots on here but it’s a whole new language I need to learn!!

Loobie2262 :two_women_holding_hands: think we have all had a moment that floored us, you just need to take it step at a time and treatment at a time Think of it as being on a treadmill, keep looking forward and jogging at your own pace, you will have a table of orange slices at side of treadmill and every now and again you might have to jump off to grab an orange slice if any treatments get delayed and they can because they keep close eye on you It has happened to lots over the years but you keep jogging and you will get through Find out which chemo they are putting you in and what infusion time will be if you want to know how long they will take. Do jump on the chemo thread that will be the one for you when you start :two_women_holding_hands: you will all help each other through :two_women_holding_hands: step by step you will get through :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

@Loobie2262  - a welcome hug from me too, I’m so sorry you find yourself on here though. Shi has described the treatment very well, and do keep referring back to it as it will help as you go through treatment. As you say, plans change, there are new things to try to get your head around, and a whole new language. But do use the forum to help you along the way - I’d especially recommend joining the chemo thread for July. Let us know if you can’t find it.

I also had chemo before surgery, about 4 years ago, so I’m happy to answer any questions if I can.

My very best wishes to you as you go through treatment. Evie xx

I had chemo before surgery and yes it all felt surreal. I felt much better after my first session meeting the nurses, understanding what the procedure was helped ease my mind. My chemo unit was lovely, so friendly and almost homely, the nurses were fab and always jolly, I felt safe and protected under their care.
Like already said, one step at a time and the days you do not feel like doing anything - then don’t. Be kind to yourself allow yourself to accept how you are feeling, we all react differently to chemo do not beat yourself up if you feel wiped out just go with what your body is telling you.

I wish you lots of good luck, this is a wonderful place for help and to realise you are not alone - you will get there

Poppy xx