Newly diagnosed and feeling very up and down

I was recently called back after a routine mammogram and had further tests on three lumps In my left breast.  I was told on Thursday 13th August that were all cancerous.  I am going for and MRI on Tuesday and have an operation scheduled for 10th Sept.  

I have been going through the motions of talking to people and letting them know but feel like I am talking about someone else.  I have so many things going around in my head and am a little terrified about not only the op but also what to expect afterwards.

Carole Sorry you find yourself on here, it is like an out of body experience when you are told and given a few pamphlets to read as you leave in a daze. That’s good they have your op scheduled quickly, have they advised what you will be getting done? I ask because everyone has been through all the different surgeries on here and can help with their experience. I would say basic things you will need for op are front button pyjamas with short sleeves, pair of flip flops to wear at the hospital, dressing gown with big pockets and a tie bit on the inside in case you have a drain post op. Take things a step at a time, it’s a lot to process Be kind to yourself and do it your way, you know what’s right for you Always speak to your team, they have seen it all before and know what to do to support and get you through. The number on here provides lots of adds support options like the someone like me and the ask the nurse :two_women_holding_hands: please keep off dr google it’ll send you into orbit, although I did google an op the same as mine before my op and watched a video because I needed to know what was going to happen while I was under, but that’s what worked for me. You do what works for you You are what’s important :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

Hi Carole,

Sorry you’ve had a BC diagnosis but you’re in the right place for advice and support.

I was diagnosed in June with 2 lumps and like you, left breast. I had a lumpectomy and sentinel node removal op in July and unfortunately they found some DCIS so are going back in to take that out this Friday.

I think I am still somewhat in denial, even writing this it feels like it isn’t really happening to me. I too was terrified of the op but it wasn’t that bad and I’m still worried about what’s next but the thing I’ve found is that with time you do accept it and it isn’t quite as scary. 

My advice is ask as many questions as you like & don’t be afraid to call your nurse. Use this forum to see what has happened to other people but don’t assume it will be the same for you, all our paths are different.

Best of luck tomorrow.

Jo x

Hi Carol06

It sounds like you was being told on 13th as I was having my Op. Its weird but once I processed the word BC I just went into auto pilot to get it sorted and get as much info from others that are going through it. Being on here as been a god send for tips and ideas right down to what to pack for the Op! I’m 5 days post Op and just had my drain removed today and It was easy and I’m a wimp! I’m grade 3, IDC, 4cm tumour Lumpectomy with full axillary clearance and tbh the first 2 days a felt rubbish, mentally it still hadn’t sunk in but now I’m ready for the next treatment hurdle. Take your time and do what’s right for you and make the choice you want.  I’m amazed at my breast it’s hardly changed compared to the other it’s amazing what surgeons can do, but ask and ask again!! I’ll go back after my treatments to re-size the other but visually with clothes you can’t tell. You take care and I hope the Op goes well and remember everyone on here are all reading the same book we’re just all on different pages! Hugs :two_hearts: :two_hearts: xx