newly diagnosed and living in the oldham area

Hi not sure if im doing this right, but i’m going to give it a go anyway. just been diagnosed, but i cant remember what they said it was. Some rare form of Bc. im waiting for a body scan and the doctors need to do more checks on my biopsies to find out which way to proceed with treatment. i go back next wednesday for the final results. i’m very frightened at the moment. Has any one got any keeping calm tricks to help me through the next few days

Hi Mazbaz,

Sorry to hear about your news, hopefully all will be revealed when you’ve had your body scan and you have a more informed diagnosis, Whwn I was diagnosed I felt in limbo for a while but when I knew what was happening and I had some dates top work to, it really made a difference, I managed to get my head round what was happening and tried hard for “positive thinking” I still have my "why me " days but on the whole I’m doing ok, a horrid thing to have but, it’s doable, good luck with everything,

I’m sure that there will be others with more knowledge posting with wonderful ideas and tips too :slight_smile:

Belinda xx

Hi, sorry you have found yourself here. The stage you’re at is so awful and it’s just a waiting game. Try and keep occupied, fresh air, etc etc . It will get better than it is now for you, once you have an action plan you kind of just switch on to a new life for a while whilst you get your treatment.

I am from saddleworth and gad all my treatment at Oldham. The surgeons are fantastic, really good cosmetic and surgical results, and the oncology team are great. The new christie radiotherapy centre is fantastic too and the staff are second to none. So although it’s cr&p to have to need it, you are in excellent hands.

There are a few ladies from Oldham/ Manchester and we met up for the first time a few weeks ago and hope to do do again soon. You would be very very welcome to
join us. I will bump up
the thread do you can read about it.

Be kind to yourself, cry buckets if you need to and take sll offers of help. You will amaze yourself at the strength you find to get through this.

Send me a personal message if u feel you want to offload in private


Ps. It’s super important not to terrify yourself at this stage by Reading loads on here and other sites about breast cancer related things that may never apply to you. I was diagnosed in march at age 36 and had thr lump removed, 6 cycles of Chemo and then radiotherapy. Never once did I die when they gave me my Chemo despite me worrying incessantly that I would. Give your mind some rest, you will reach some peace in there again. I will bump upy original post titled 36, just diagnosed ( well Its called something like that!) and u can read how it is possible to move on from where you are now. X

Hi eveyone who responded to my first posting. i do feel like i should be coping with this better but sometimes it just overwhelms me. i now know that i have a metaplastic cancer, my ct scans where clear and will be getting my bone scans tomorrow. fingers crossed.
untill then i don’t no how they will be progressing with treatment. i know i am fed up with all this waiting around. Started getting a burning feeling all over my body. i hope this is a reaction to stress. Has anyone else had this? Vickie thanks for your offer of a personal message it was very much appreciated and i may one day take you up on the offer ( once i get time to figure how to do that lol). tors i will also look at original post titled 36 when i figure that out also haha. thanks again maria