Newly diagnosed and on a HRT withdrawal roller coaster

Hi Everyone, I’ve only recently been diagnosed, but I thought I was doing OK with it all. But I’ve stopped all HRT (been on it since early menopause at 38 nearly 10 years ago) and having a major wobble and don’t feel I can talk to anyone right now because I can’t explain it. Rational brain knows its the hormones or lack of them, and I have some really lovely, supportive friends who I could talk to, but I feel stupid because I’m not upset about anything in particular, I’m just upset. I’m sitting here with tears pouring down my face and I don’t know why.

Does this rollercoaster slow down at all, or are the tears and nameless anxiety here to stay?

Hi Cherry Pie - I’m really sorry you have just been diagnosed, but glad you have found this lovely forum and hope we can help support you. Sometimes it’s easier to chat on here, to people who have gone or are currently going through treatment and just “get it” without you needing to explain anything. 

You have just been hit by what feels like a truck that came out of nowhere and your world suddenly feels as if it has been turned upside down. What you are feeling is very very normal and I’m sure everyone on here has felt the same when they were diagnosed - I know I did. You are not stupid at all for feeling as you are, not at all.

Have you been given your treatment plan yet? I found that once I knew what was happening and when that things got a bit easier - bizarre as I know that sounds.

You are also dealing with lack of HRT and hormones being suddenly taken away, that too will be adding to the tears.

If I can help by listening while you chat, please continue to chat on here, or if I can help with any questions do ask. Nothing is too big or small.

It might sound a cliche, but now is the time for you to be extra kind to yourself, lots of treats and care, whatever makes you feel better. And some of the best advice I received was to take one day at a time, or sometimes one hour at a time if the going got especially tough.

I’m sending you a big virtual hug, and strength as you go through treatment. We are here to hold your hand every step of the way. Evie xx