Newly diagnosed and waiting for op

Hi I’m Jane, I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with Stage 2 Invasive ductal carcinoma and also DCIS in my left breast and I’m terrified.  Im having a mastectomy on 16th Feb so not much longer to wait, but the waiting feels like forever. I’m waiting for an appointment to go to hospital the day before surgery for a sentinel node biopsy. Trying to be positive and thinking all will be fine, but then keep having a massive panic and fearing the worst. Glad to have found this forum to share things with others at this awful time. Any others in a similar situation to me at the moment?

Hi Jane, I was dignosed last week with dcis and invasive  ductal cancer in the right boob (it was a real shock as i had had 4 biopsies) and am currently waiting for a date for surgery, not sure as this point whether it will be for mastectomy or breast conserving  surgery. I am like you trying to feel positive then just becoming completely  overwhelmed  by panic, don’t know what else to say bar I completely  get were you are coming from and giving you a virtual hug x

Hi both I was diagnosed on 14th with dcis and invasive ductal in right breast. Lymph node biopsy clear. Had WLE on 22nd then at follow up yesterday was told 2 lymph nodes show traces of cells, so I’m back in on Tuesday for rest of those removing. The waiting is the worst bit, I’m terrified too, try to remember you are not on your own, that’s the hardest but for me, I’m 42, 13 year old daughter and it’s the most terrifying thing I’ve ever dealt with. Lots of support on here. Hugs to you both xx

Hi, I was diasgnosed on the 18th January with 23mm IDC, my op is on the 15th to remove it and also sentinal node biopsie. My MRI showed no spread in the lymph nodes so at least that is a little good news BUT i dont know what stage it is at or what follow up treatment i will need until the lump is removed. The waiting is the worst part, Trying to be positive but hate this nightmare i am now in.


Hi Jane, I’m further along the journey than you. I was diagnosed with the same in November and have since had a mastectomy beginning of Dec and because it was shown that I had 2 out of 9 lymph nodes tested as positive I am now having chemotherapy. I think that is also due to my age (52) otherwise I may have got away with just radiotherapy, which I will be having as well plus hormone tablets. I can honestly say the waiting for results, appointments and surgery was the worst, most worrying time when I constantly feared the worst, and hardly slept. My most calm time came when chemotherapy started strangely! It was like ‘well here we go, it might not be pleasant but it’s going to zap any stray little b@66ers’
Loads of good luck to you, hope your surgery goes well. If you haven’t already, have a look at some of the other threads in here, they are so helpful - there is always someone to offer support
Take care xxx

It’s understandable to be anxious ladies. I’m 47 and was diagnosed in Dec and I feared for the worst. Two weeks after surgery I am more positive about the future. I will be seeing my doctor for way forward re chemo and of course I am worried about it but I know it’s the only way for me to complete recovery. Have faith and all of the best

Hello all. I’m 32, op date 25th Feb for double mastectomy and sentinel lymph node removal. This was following high grade DCIS and rare Paget’s disease diagnosis. Like all of you my fears come in waves for pathology report. I try to focus on building blocks as I become overwhelmed thinking of all the future treatment plans etc … I know I’ll be having radiotherapy and very likely chemo- as I’m going through parallel fertility egg freezing and BRAC gene testing. It’s so surreal. Remain positive and strong - it is what it is and you will get through it all- just take one stage at a time xx easier said then done I know xx

Hello ladies. I was diagnosed on 27th Jan with grade 3 invasive ductal carcinoma and dcis in left breast plus its Her2 positive. My breast conserving surgery is 17th February followed by chemo and herceptin. I have the most horrific needle phobia so I am dreading what’s to come. My best friend went through this two years ago so I know what to expect but not sure if that’s actually a bad thing as it’s maybe making me more anxious. I’m also terrified of losing my hair during chemo so will definately be trying the cold cap. Good look to you all with your upcoming surgery. X

Hi Helen 1971

Blossom is right. I was absolutely terrified and didn t sleep for days. I had DCIS in right breast which although they said is non life threatening , I Couldn t handle the fear of what lay ahead. Due to it being in different ducts in separate area of breast, I had to have mastectomy last Wednesday.i always worry the what if and anxiety will not let me just take one step at a time. These women on here were there for me, even in early hrs of morning. They don t expect me to need any further treatment but I ll believe that when they tell me the results after op. Just remember you re not alone in this and we re all here for you. Blossom is arranging a weekend away later this year and would be lovely to meet you so come along xx

Hi blossom hill. Good luck with your journey and operation too. I’ve opted not to have reconstruction. For me, whilst I appreciate for many ladies it can assist the healing process and emotional recovery- I’m not bothered about reconstruction. If I can overcome cancer , have all this treatment thrown at me, recover fully - I will be proud of my scars. My job also makes it difficult with reconstruction when I go back to work (I wear a stab vest!) and think it will be uncomfortable recovery!
Yeah fertility is a double blow to me- but again- if I’m not well and here to have children then I wouldn’t be having them in first place! So treatment/chemo (which they have said is highly likely for me) will come first. I guess it also depends on the BRAC gene results as I would feel irresponsible using my own eggs if I give my child 87% chance of breast cancer and 50% chance of ovarian cancer. Trying not to think about that just yet - it’s another hurdle down the line for me as to preventative surgery if I’m at risk of ovarian cancer too.
Life does like to test our strength doesn’t it!..
Wishing everyone all the best and a speedy recovery xx

Hi Jane. I’m Julie. Have just found the forum, hope you dont mind me coming in on the conversation.  I was diagnosed on 3rd Feb and have a date of 7th March for my op.  I have to choose which op to go for so have opted for a lumpectomy (so far). The waiting is so hard and then not knowing what is next. Not having anyone to talk to that knows what you are going through is tough.  How are you coping?

Hi Julie sorry you have found your self here but it’s a great place for info and support. I am waiting for lumpectomy  (up to now) on 27th. X

I had my Pre Op today. Surgery 22nd Feb for a central excision lumpectomy and SNB following confirmation of IDC in right breast on 1st Feb. Speaking to the Consultant made me a lot more positive today. One day at a time albeit the 22nd can’t come soon enough.Thinking of everyone on this journey no one wants to be on. On a separate note the Consultant and BCN have been fantastic. X

Wow so many new names!!

I am just over a week post mx for grade 2 IDC. I am due to go back to hospital tomorrow to see the oncologist to discuss the results of the pathology of what was removed and to find out if I am doing chemo/radio/both. My one is er/pr positive but her negative. I was just having a moment of panic about tomorrow and saw this new thread and it took me back to being diagnosed and how devastated I was. Now this side of of a mx/recon the fear is different not quite as intense. I am nervous about tomorrow but reading your posts reminds me how we all support each other.

Love to all

Ali xx

Hi jane. Glad it went OK.
I had a bad night last night but it’s still sinking I think. Better today. It’s good to know im not the only one who feels like this and it’s normal. I don’t feel so alone. My husband and family are being supportive but it’s different talking to someone who knows EXACTLY how you feel.
Just got to try and feel positive.
It won’t be long until your on the other side of the op and can start looking forward again.

Hi there ladies 

hope you don’t mind me Joining your forum I have been watching it for a couple days and I am in awe of all your strength, support and comments. I was diagnosed with stage 1 invasive ductal  carcinoma on 22.1 16  in one site from 2 core biopsies then sent for a vacuum assisted biopsy the following week to determine whether there is another area of carcinoma behind the breast. Get my results this Thursday to determine lumpectomy or mastectomy. I am ER+ but HER negative so BCN says radiotherapy and hormone drug therapy will be a cert. absolutely terrified about surgery then finding out radiotherapy is 45 miles each way 5 days a week for 4 weeks! How On earth do you all cope with this? 


Wishing you the best for your results tomorrow Ali, it will be another step out of the way ?

Hi Jane, it does get easier as I’m sure we will all tell you but it’s so scary to begin with when you are endlessly waiting on test and results, the more knowledge you gain the better you will feel, nothing is worse than this stage of limbo, all the very best for your op Xx Jo 

Good luck for tomorrow Ali xxx

Thank you Sue


Hi all.  This time last week I was setting off for my appointment with the consultant and found out I had breast cancer. It has been a very long week. 

Good luck to everyone and thanks for all the information and support on here. I’m so glad I found this site, its definitely helped over the last couple of days. Its good to know i’m not the only one and the way I feel is what everyone else is going through.