Newly diagnosed - anyone in Bournemouth/Poole Area???


I have just been diagnosed and just wanted to know if there was a group or anyone who is in the same area???



if you look at the site there is a group in Dorset which seemed to last meet in Winchester. You could try them

Hi Di
sorry to here of your dx. My son’s at uni in Bournemouth so I do come down that way some times but a few of us in dorset/hants have met up in Winchester/Southampton. Romsy is also a place to try and meet for a coffee and a chat.

take care

Katie x x

Hi DI,I was dx Feb2008 so done chemo, rads and now tamoxifen. I am from Romsey and have met up with KatieF before.You are welcome any time.
Take care

Rachy xx

If you are under Poole Hospital, they have a notice-board in the Ladybird unit which gives information about a couple of groups in the area. I think one is for under 40s called Smile (or something similar) and another is a regular meeting “facilitated” by Breast Care Nurses in a hotel. Another is more for post-treatment ladies & involves crewing a Dragon Boat! Something to look forward to!

If you are under Bournemouth - maybe speak to your BCN?