Newly diagnosed but shadow on sternum, awaiting CT results!!! So scared!!

Hi. Diagnosed 2 weeks ago with invasive in one lump and lymph node but then had to wait a week on another biopsy and mri results which have resulted in larger mass than first thought 50mm and shadow shown on sternum. Family paid for private CT and results tomorrow but so scared as I have chest pain but don’t know if that’s just stress!!! Husband and 18 year old daughter at home with me. This is all do new to us!! Xx

Hi Kitaya,
Although it’s not where you want to be, glad you found us, there’s loads of support here & between us, we’ve been through everything that bc can throw at us.
Usually, it’s just the stress of going through this that leads to aches & pains, most of us here have been through it.
Honestly, this is the worst stage as the uncertainty of it it all is hard to handle, but it does settle down when the diagnosis is confirmed & you get your treatment plan.
Do come & chat or vent whenever you need to.
Sending hugs
ann x

Hello Kitaya


So sorry you have come to join us here, but you have come to a safe place, where you can ‘let it all out’.


Tomorrow will come, and until then please try your best to b-r-e-a-t-h-e and sit on the worry gremlins that cruelly come out to play.  You must be stressed to the max, and many of us feel every ache, pain, shortness of breath, tight chest and more at these times.


It is scary, but hang in there, the waiting is the absolute worst, and once that part is over, you will be able to move forward step by step.  I always wish there was something we could do to help you in these early days when fears go into overdrive.  You are amongst all of us who know just how you are feeling. But there’s nearly always someone here, at all sorts of hours, if  you need a virtual hug.


We’ll all be on your side tomorrow, along with your family, with everything crossed for you. Hugs.