Newly diagnosed but should I get 2nd Opinion

Hi, I have a grade 1 invasive ductal carcinoma (B5B) diagnosed begining July measuring 14mm. Nothing showing on MRI for lymph nodes luckily. My consultant put me on Tamoxifen due to us both having holiday commitments so surgery set for 3rd Sept…no worries. Today nurse wanted to see me and explained that she wanted consultant to review MRI again as she wanted to b sure surrounding area which she said looked like hormornal changes were just that but she wanted more biopsies to be taken. So next week will see surgeon and get biopsy done again. I asked her worst case scenario what if surrounding area was carsinoma also she said Masectomy… so I’ve gone from being booked in for a lumpectomy plus surrounding area to maybe a Mastectomy. The reason why I’m confused is my friend has had a triple negative cancer diagnosis and has had a lumpectomy but will prob have chemo also, her growth was 45mm. Do different consultants/hospitals do it differently. Because mine is all supposition until biopsy result comes back I wondered should I get second opinion? Grade one even in surrounding tissue to have masectomy sounds drastic, but if it saves my life fine. What are your views please. Thanks.

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I am sorry you have this additional worry. I have not heard of a nurse querying mri results but probably good that everything is being double checked.


I would imagine she said mastectomy because you asked for a worst case scenario and if it were found that you had a large area of cancer or several separate tumours that could be the case.


Also, whether the op should be mastectomy or lumpectomy can depend on the position of the tumour and the size of the breast as to whether a lumpectomy would result in a reasonable cosmetic result.


So I guess a worst case scenario for surgery would always be mastectomy so try and put it out of your mind until you have had this further investigation, though I know it’s difficult.


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Hi Mary,

Thanks for your thoughts. As I said until the new biopsy and results there’s no point preempting. Because there is so much new information in the papers and news currently, I will be going in prepared this time. Forewarned is forearmed!!! My consultant is in my opinion v. old school and they all come with egos! Nice chap, but need to keep my options open. Regards, Hayley