Newly diagnosed & confused

Hello. Exactly 1 week ago I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It is the biggest thing which has ever happened to me & I am in total shock. It almost feels like it’s happened to someone else. 1 minute I am crying & the next I’m trying to be positive by saying I will get through it. Thankfully the drs let me go on holiday & I will know what treatment I will receive on 1st February, day after my return home. I’ve never used a forum before but feel I do need to chat to others who have/had Breast Cancer x

Hi Elizabeth, you have come to the right place, this forum has been my life line. I’m 4 weeks post op and I know exactly what you are going through.  It’s the most scary thing that happened to me too.  All I can say is it will get better. I found the first couple of weeks the worst and the damn waiting for appointments and results. Once you get a plan in place it all gets a bit easier. 


Look after yourself hun, enjoy your holiday and one bit of advice, DON’T Google!  


Em xx

Hi Elizabeth,
I’m really sorry you have to be here but welcome anyway. There’s loads of support here. Read some threads and jump in anywhere you fancy.
What have you been told so far? The initial stages are a nightmare and I personally felt a lot better after I got my plan. When do you go on holiday?

Hi Elizabeth,

Sorry you find yourself here, but there’s loads of support & we’ve all been where you are now.

This stage is always a shock, but it does get better when your treatment plan is in place & it will be dealt with.

Just so that you are aware, general googling about your diagnosis is best avoided as it only feeds anxiety. there is a lot of old stuff on the internet & it is not necessarily applicable to your situation.

Do use this site & Macmillan if you need information & support. Also ring the helpline here if you need to talk things through.

ann x




The doctor who did my biopsies last Wednesday told me not to Google. I still can’t believe that I have cancer…

I am currently on holiday here in the south of England as this is where my fiance lives. Im using the time to relax as much as i can & try to come to terms with thjngs. Don’t know when I will get over again & other 1/2 will come over to me as much as possible to help look after me

You just don’t don’t what’s ahead of you. Have spoken to 2 other ladies I know who have had cancer & 1 of the things I’ve noticed is their humour. I like it & as serious as this illness is laughing has to be good in between my tears x