Newly diagnosed DCIS and 2mm invasive

So my name is Laura and I am a 44 years old mum of 4. I first went to my GP in September with a bloody Nipple discharge. Nothing showed on the mammogram or ultrasound but at a follow up in November the consultant advised my to have a full Ductal excision for diagnosis purposes but reassured me that she didn’t think there was anything to worry about. Had the ductal excision on 26/11 and at my follow yesterday was told I have breast cancer. I am in complete shock and did not sleep well at all last night. They are going to discuss my case at an MDT on Monday and I will see the consultant again next Thursday to talk about a treatment plan. Feel like I am putting such a dampener on Xmas for everyone and I just want to enjoy it as planned. 

Hey Laura


Sorry you find yourself on here. I was diagnosed nearly 4 weeks ago and I totally understand how it rocks your world, you feel like the rug has been pulled from under you and all sorts of scary thoughts race through your head. I found the most difficult time was just after the diagnosis and waiting for further test results, it really does get easier once you’ve had time to process the information and discuss what the treatment options are. I had a left boob mastectomy yesterday and I’m waiting for results which will determine follow up treatment…even though I’m sore and tired I feel much better than I did in the days after my diagnosis. I found it really useful speaking to the breast nurses on the helpline, I called them every day for the first week…they were wonderful (althought they must’ve thought I was a total lunatic:smileyvery-happy:). They also put me intouch with a wonderful lady from the “someone like me” service, she was able to totally relate to my fears and really helped my put things in perspective. Be kind to yourself, take one day at a time…baby steps. You will get through it! There are some wonderful ladies on this forum who have gone through treatment and come the other side…it really helps to realise that it doesn’t have to be as awful as you first think.


Sending you love:heart: Sara

Hi Laura, sorry you find yourself here just before Christmas but then cancer doesn’t care unfortunately.  Its a very anxious time just after diagnosis but your medical team will be able to progress your your treatment plan and this will help you to move forward.  I was diagnosed  stage 3 in March 2017 on the first day of spring and I’m still here and getting back on with life and doing very well.  I spent Xmas 2017 in hospital nearly every day for radiotherapy.  Try and enjoy Christmas just to spite the cancer.  Blob your tongue out at it and put yourself and your family first.  I know it’s hard but just remember cancer doesn’t spread as fast as our minds race.  I hope this helps a little. X

Hi Laura 


i have the same my first ever mammogram I’m 49 total shock lots of meltdowns after my diagnosis on 19th November and like you sleepless nights. Coming on here and reading all the brave ladies story’s has helped me no end you have done the right thing. 
I’m having a left mastectomy after Christmas I’m waiting for a date I am trying to focus on Christmas it’s hard I just want this done now but I am taking each day at a time still going to work etc …

keep strong you have got this ok & keep speaking to your breast care nurse it helps. 
big hugs 
Nicky x