Newly Diagnosed DCIS and caught up in Coronavirus

Hi all,

I am recently diagnosed with a DCIS which is 10cm big after a routine mammogram, I have no signs at all and it has come as a complete shock. I was told that there is no option I have to have a full mastectomy.

I have a lovely breast care nurse who is helping me through this and together we decided the best option for me was a reconstruction at the same time. I decided that I preferred the idea of the DIEP and was referred for that procedure to Wythenshawe with an appointment this week.

Today however they have rung up to say that they have cancelled all DIEP for the next 3 months due to the coronavirus. I have now been referred back to my local hospital. My nurse got me an appointment today and they said that they will go ahead with the silicone implant and if I am not happy this can be changed at a later date for the DIEP. I was okay with this not what I would have wanted as it requires two surgeries instead of one but at least I still get the reconstruction.

Then they dropped the bombshell that they can’t say for sure this will happen and if the coronavirus situation worsens there is a possibility that they will have to do the mastectomy without reconstruction. They would then do a reconstruction at a later date when everything is back to normal.

I am devastated this was not what I wanted at all and feel like everything is out of my control. I am quite large breasted and I find the idea of having only one really hard to come to terms with.

My emotions are all over the place and I don’t know what to think anymore. Thanks for reading, it does help to get it down.

Sharon xx


Hi Sharon,

I had the same happen to me today.  They cancelled my reconstruction surgery and have reverted back to a mastectomy only due to the virus.  I feel your devastation, this is not an option for me.  I’m also quite large and it makes me feel physically ill at the thought of being flat one side.  I’m meeting with my cancer surgeon Monday to discuss further.  I’m thinking of riding this out and seeing what the risks are to wait a few months for the virus situation to have calmed down.  I’m grade 2 so need to know if that’s an option.  

im so sorry to hear you are in the same position it’s all just really crap

sending hugs

Simmo x  

Hi Sharon,

I had a mastectomy in October 2018, and they wouldn’t do an immediate reconstruction as I needed radiotherapy after the surgery. I was so upset about the thought of coming round from the surgery with only one breast. I pleaded for an implant at least, but they said it could harden with radiotherapy and have to be removed. So I accepted it, and with the help of talking with family and friends, and advice from the lovely ladies on here, I came to terms with it, and comforted myself with the knowledge it was temporary.

I was advised that I could have a reconstruction a year after treatment finished. I must say I had to chase up for appointments for this. Firstly my local hospital only do the implant and back flap operation, but they said DIEP would be better for me. I was referred to one place, and I was advised it would be a futher eighteen months before I would have surgery. Eventually I was referred to Bristol in November last year, and they said there was a six months wait. I was scheduled to meet the new surgeon last Wednesday and was told that I was sixth on the waiting list so I should have my DIEP in early May. But then they phoned last Tuesday and said all reconstructive surgery was going to be cancelled for three months due to the coronavirus. So near and yet so far… 

I am telling myself that it is better to have it in a safe environment, but I am gutted and empathise with your situation too.

Best wishes

Jane xxx


I’m sorry you’re going through this.  I’m newly diagnosed and was due to have a lumpectomy/lymph out/therapeutic mammoplasty in a couple of weeks, it was brought forward  to this wednesday in the hope of hearing the virus crisis but I was told they would only operate on the poorly boob and match me up best year.  However  I’ve now been told there is no surgery until the crisis is over.  I’ve got to have a clip put in my tumour and start hormone therapy instead this week. 

Hope you are doing ok today