Newly diagnosed for the second time!

I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer at just 34. I had a mastectomy, recon, chemo, tamox and zolodex this was in 1997 apart from troublesome lymphodeama i have kept reasonably well, In 2002 i had my first child swiftly followed by a second, i was told there was a big ? over my being able to have any children (my eldest is autistic and i have wondered if it was treatment, but the experts say not) i thank zolodex without which it may have been a different story. I am now 48 and have just been told i have DCIS in my remaining breast! (lets hope thats all it is!) I have surgery planned for march 4th, and take it from there. I am letting all out there know that there is a future after diagnosis and I have two beautiful children as proof, it is more stressful with having kids without a doubt, but we,ll get there. I think it stinks that i have to walk this road again yet like you all i have no choice so lets hang on for the ride! Best wishes to all xx

Hi J - so sorry you’re joining us here. I’m wishing you luck for the 4th March. You sound like you’re staying hopeful despite what must be awful, having to do it all again. It is indeed very helpful for us to know there is a future - thank you for that. Good luck, i’ve no doubt you’ll find the forums very helpful.