newly diagnosed in September

Hi, I was diagnosed in late September with breast cancer.  I have had a lumpectomy on my left breast and 2 sentinel node incisions.  The lumpectomy doesn’t hurt as much as the sentinel node incisions.  For two weeks it didn’t hurt but now seem to be having pain when I lift my arm.  Due to start radiation after Thanksgiving.  Any suggestions as to why it is just starting to hurt when I lift up?  Thanks.


Hi Beverley ,it is definitely worth checking this out with your doctor as there are a few post op side effects that could be causing your discomfort -cording,seroma and lynphodema.Not something to panic about but may need some physio input to help relieve symptoms .Everyone finds the sentinel node site more painful ,think I was told by my BC nurse that you have more nerve endings there which is why (think I got that right ).Jill.

Hi Beverley, yes, I agree with Jill! Also  I think you can expect it to hurt as you start going back to using it more.  I  remember seeing a physio fairly early after my op and she showed me the excercises to do. 


What you are experiencing is to be expected…even without side effects…but as Jill said…do just go and get it checked. For your own peace of mind.

do come back and let us know how things go…there are a lot of lovely ladies on here and we are all here for youxx


Yes, it is Beverley, but try not to worry till you are seen, it may well just be absolutely normalxxxx


the cancer experience puts us into shock, and we need to check things but lots of these turn out yo be normal healing etc etcxx



It has been a month since I had a lumpectomy and due to start radiation in a week.  However, the incision on my breast seems irritated and itchy.  Don’t know if this is normal or just irritation from my bra.  I see my surgeon Tuesday but was wondering if anyone else has had this.  Thanks.