Newly diagnosed reading

Please can anyone recommend a book/books to read to help alleviate the anxiety of being newly diagnosed with primary breast cancer or simply cancer? Survival stories? Reading that will make me feel less anxious and more positive!

Hello littlemo, this is my very first post here as I’m new too so I’m not even sure how this all works but thought I would reply as can see you’ve not had any replies as yet. I was diagnosed with a small grade 1 about 2 weeks ago from a routine mammogram (I’m 51). To keep my anxieties at bay I’ve been reading lots of positive posts on here, I’ve also found other stories of women who’ve been diagnosed the same in the past and have had positive outcomes so I’ve been focusing on that. I also personally know quite a few women who have same diagnosis and even further along some 15/20 plus years ago and are now thriving. Hope that helps somewhat. Happy to chat anytime as appears we are both very new to this. Catherine xx

Hi there, I’m in the same boat. Just been diagnosed and I’m having surgery on 2 July. Being positive and reading the information the hospital and breast care team have given me, but it’s all a bit surreal at the moment. I’ve signed on here, as some of the literature I’ve been given has come directly from Breastcancercare so I thought it was the best place to go for information and support. I think I’ll be visiting these pages quite a bit now.

Hi, I’m not really sure how this all works on here. But I’m trying to figure it out!

I just received my biopsy results yesterday. I just can’t bloody believe it. 

how are you doing? X