Newly Diagnosed - Secondary TNBC with Liver Mets

Well, this is somewhere I didn’t want to be - as I know you will all feel the same.

I start chemo on Monday - Gemcarbo.  While I’ve been through chemo before (FEC-T in 2018, followed by WLE and ANC and then rads), I’m nervous about how I’ll react to this combination.  Has anyone else had any experience of it?

I’ve been fine up until about 10 days ago, and my health seems to have deteriorated fairly quickly.  I get very tired so quickly and it hurts to walk - my liver doesn’t seem to like being put through anything.  I was struggling to eat last week and while that has improved, I’m still in a bit of pain and just can’t be bothered most of the time.

I feel guilty because my husband is on constant watch, and I can see it’s starting to upset him because he just can’t do anything to help me.

This is such a cruel disease.

Any words of advice will be gratefully received.


FiMillan, if no one pops on thread do use the someone like me and the speak to a nurse options beautiful as always biggest to you :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

Hi Fi,

I don’t have the same type as you but just wanted to reach out and send a great big hug xxx

I also get the guilt jitters sometimes with my boyfriend and empathise with feeling that on top of everything else.  Its good to remind yourself that its not yours or anyone’s fault that this disease has happened to you.  Be kind to yourself and remember that as much as we love the people in our lives, ultimately we can’t be responsible for their feelings. 

When it comes to worrying about your partner, or close family who are supporting you…if you can see your loved one is struggling but they are willing to have an honest conversation with you, start there.  You can start to talk about how you can both find a way to manage and cope with your respective emotions.  Perhaps see if they’d be willing to attend a carer’s support group or phone up the Breast Cancer Now helpline to talk to someone.  Perhaps there are friends or hobbies they need to do more of.  Maybe journalling or seeking help through a counsellor will help.  There’s lots of things that people can find to help them deal with difficult times. 

I encourage my boyfriend to speak to his parents and to talk to friends…he used to be a “lone wolf” and he’s only 31 years old, but since my secondary diagnosis, he’s fully taken on board my suggestion and it seems to be helping him a lot.  He’s met quite a few people, both men and women, through his running club and many of them know or care for someone with a cancer diagnosis.

People are so much less alone than what they sometimes think xxx

Hi @FiMillan  

i have just been diagnosed with secondary in my Liver also. I am estrogen positive though is different. I start on Pablo + letrozole on Wednesday.

But thought you would like to know that I’ve had the same symptoms as you but also feeling breathless and absolutely exhausted 

my oncologist said it’s because my liver has enlarged and pressing on my diaphragm 

hope your doing better

:two_hearts: :two_hearts:

Kar xx

So sorry to read your diagnosis- my mum has just been diagnosed with the same and I’m terrified.

Can I ask how you are getting on? 

Much love,