Newly diagnosed status changed from pbc


been diagnosed with liver mets, after 17 years clear. My original bc was er/pr positive her2 negative, this has changed to er/pr negative but her2 positive. They thought there 2 also 2 small areas in my ribs from the CT scan but the bone scan said no suspicious areas.  I will be starting docetaxil is it in 2 weeks with phesgo/herceptin (probably same thing). Just after experiences etc I had pacletaxil first time round and tolerated that well. Just surprised at status change as I know this can be more aggressive. Just looking for some hope I guess as I feel pretty low right now I keep looking at my 3 beautiful children and crying …… xx

Hi Blonde123,

I am sorry to read that you feel pretty low at the moment.

Please remember that for any clinical questions, our breast care nurses are here and happy to talk things through.

Sending you our warmest wishes,