Newly diagnosed triple negative, and likely to have the BRCA gene

I was diagnosed three weeks ago with Stage 3a, Grade 3, Invasive, Triple Negative Breast Cancer, and I start chemotherapy next week. 

I’m a pretty positive person but I am of course somewhat nervous about the road ahead and would be grateful for any advice / tips you all may have. 

My mother died from Ovarian Cancer fourteen years ago, and my oncologist believes I will test positive for the BRCA gene (we’re still awaiting the results). My team are going to start me on chemotherapy first (Carbotaxol and then EC) before surgery and then radiotherapy. I have also been advised to undergo immunotherapy, as without it they believe the cancer will likely return in a few years. The downside of the immunotherapy is that I may get an autoimmune disease. But it seems a no brainer as far as the cancer is concerned.

I’m taking it one day at a time. I’m determined to stay “me” throughout the process with plenty of things to look forward to. I know there are going to be some battles ahead of me, but I don’t want to spend the next few months just being a cancer patient.

I would like to keep working as much as possible and I’m very lucky to have really supportive employers. I would like to go into work as and when I can as living alone it will be a great distraction and it will also provide me with some social interaction. I have some really wonderful friends and family around me but most live at least an hour away; getting into work, catching up with friends and seeing people is really important to me.

I would love to hear from anyone who has gone through this with any tips or advice you may have. And I guess like everyone, I’d love to hear from someone who is out the other side and doing well (wouldn’t we all??!).

Similarly it would be great to chat to anyone at the same sort of stage looking to compare notes and positive vibes!

 @YoYo  Sorry you have not had a response so far. TBNC can be a very scary diagnosis. I highly recommend the FB forum: Triple Negative Breast Cancer UK and Ireland (TNBC) support.

They have helped me enormously. Lots of very supportive and extremely informed members.

I hope it all works out for you. Best wishes and hugs.

Hi yoyo,

I could have pretty much written your post word for word… Triple negative, mine has spread to underarm and clavicle lymphs… I’ll be have EC then carboplatin and plaxitaxel but waiting to be booked in. I’m sure the waiting is the worst part of all this as at least once it starts you feel like you are doing something positive! 

I’m also very positive and trying to remain so as I can’t think about any alternative but I really want to just get started now. 

I’ve also been referred for genetics and will continue working if/when I can.

I assume you are also young? I am 39.

It would be great to share this together, all the best X 

@YoYo   Hi, sorry to hear you are joining this rollercoaster that none of us want to be on.

I was diagnosed in August/September with the same breast cancer as you, the big triple negative pest! I’ve just turned 40 and thought live was just panning out the way I wanted then the C word was dropped into my live. 

The early stages are so daunting and so much information ti take in. Being positive has a massive part to play but down days are allowed too. 

Feel free to private message me if you fancy a more one to one chat. X

Hi. I was diagnosed too of the tnbc the day before my birthday at the beginning of October. Still waiting for my gene test results too. Have been told they might not be back before my surgery. I have waited 7 weeks and surgery is next week which is lumpectomy and then after I will have chemo and radiotherapy and no one has gone through all that with me yet. 
I have had a lot of stomach pain for weeks which they haven’t investigated yet said till wait till after op but it is making me worried. I hope it’s just a reaction to taking antibiotics and ibropriphen for what they thought was a breast infection after an invasive biopsy, but it’s been weeks now. 
All I can do is hope for the best. 
Nice to speak to other people who have been through it or at the same time as me. Take care X

I have been diagnosed with grade 3 triple negative today. Will be having an mri soon to find out if it has spread. I’m so scared it has 


I am guessing you are near the end of your treatment now, how did everything go?

I will be starting soon, same as you, chemo, surgery, and then radiotherapy.

I was so shocked when they said mine was double negative as did not know this even existed.

Please let me know your journey and how you are now.

Thanks, Kerri

Hi honey. I have just completed all of my treatment for the same grade 3 TNBC. I had four months of chemotherapy for a 4.5cm tumour, surgery and radio.  I am more than happy to answer any questions you have at any time xx

Just realised this was last year it was posted. Sorry. Hope you are well