Newly diagnosed triple negative

Just got my biopsy result today 14/2/22. Aged 65. Triple negative, grade 3, 16mm, no obvious spread to lymph nodes. Plan is wide area excision with sentinel node biopsy, decision to have or not have chemo to follow once results are known. I am seeking transfer to a centre that offers TARGIT-IORT radiotherapy during surgery. Any experiences / insights welcome. 

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I am sorry you haven’t had any response yet. I am hoping my response will help the Forum members to see your post and share their experience and advice.

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Hi how are you ? I’m exactly same as you with same diagnosis aged 49 only got told few days ago and just heart broken , what stage are you with operation and treatment? I’m having a pre op meet on 8 March … 

I had my tnbc grade 3 diagnosis early January aged 68, no spead to lymph nodes. By February it measured 37x26mm. I’ve had 4 fortnightly sessions of EC then I’m due to have 4 sessions of Taxol (just had second). I was told tnbc responded better to having chemo first to shrink it as it was over 20mm. Operation due July then if I have a lumpectomy I’ll need a week or so’s worth of daily radiotherapy, otherwise none if it’s a mastectomy and perhaps more chemo. I’ve not heard of  targetted radiotherapy during the operation but on reading up on it, it seems to protect your lungs and heart.