Newly Diagnosed with a large DCIS

Hi Everyone 

I was diagnosed with a 13cmx6.5cm DCIS in my left breast and told I need a mastectomy. I have got my head around the fact I have to have my breast removed. I have an appointment to see the surgeon next week.

AJP18 sorry you find yourself here, if there are any questions you might want to ask your surgeon, I found taking little notebook into meetings useful so I’d have questions ready and could jot their answers down it, that helped me because there so much information, but I wanted to ask lots of questions, that’s not for everyone some don’t want to know anything at all so do it your way and if you need the threads and the ask the nurse facility or someone like me facility or anything that bcn can help with, please do ask away and use the bcn services as much or as little as you need :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx