Newly diagnosed.

Hi everyone not long been diagnosed with invasive lobula breast cancer stage 2 and have to go straight for a mastectomy. Her2 negative but still waiting on 2 more results. Thankfully underarm nodes are unaffected. Have preop coming up 20th May so hopefully will have the operation soon after


Love the pseudonym! Welcome to the forums. Im sorry you have to be here but you’ve found the right place.  In the early stages, I’d advise you not to read widely, and definitely stay off Google full stop. Just focus on the job in hand - the practicalities of a mastectomy, what you’ll need afterwards, how to manage things… It’s a big shock to the system but it’s all manageable. There are many women here who’ve been through the same thing and hopefully are still here to give their experiences of a mastectomy, reconstruction (though you didn’t mention it so maybe you’re not opting for that), body image, dealing with a prosthesis, where to source bras etc etc etc. I wish you all the best with your results and the surgery xx