Newly Diagnosed

Hello everyone.  I have recently been diagnosed with grade 2 breast cancer with lymph node affected, going for my first MRI Scan tomorrow.  To be followed by CT Scan and bone scan later in the week.  Feeling apprehensive and nervous but trying my best to keep positive. Any advice greatly received.  Thanks in advance.

Hi Chrissy,

So sorry you find yourself here, it’s a big shock to the system. I only got diagnosed in September, and am about 6 weeks into treatment. I’ll say what everyone said to me when I joined the forum, the time between your diagnosis and starting treatment is probably the hardest part of this journey. There are a lot of unknowns, appointments and some serious mental adjustment to your new reality. Everyone told me that once you have a treatment plan, and get started you’ll feel a bit more in control and definitely in my case, the anxiety really eased off a lot once I started treatment.

I struggled to sleep and eat during those first few weeks, and lost a lot of weight. I ended up getting some sleeping tablets and Diazepam from the Dr to help, and even though I only ended up taking a couple, they made a difference on really bad days/nights.

I would say, be really gentle with yourself, eat little and often if you lose your appetite from stress, download something like the Calm app, I listened to white noise and sleep stories most nights to drown out the racing thoughts and if you’re really struggling, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Dr. Also everyone on here, plus the helpline are really helpful if you have any questions or just want a chat.

There’s also information on the BCN site about various questions to ask your team at all the appointments coming up which I found useful.

Lots of luck for the next few weeks. Xx

What a relief to have found this forum - I have been diagnosed with ? Grade 2 invasive ductal carcinoma yesterday but now have to wait for an MRI as I had 2 clear mammograms - one in June and one during diagnosis - the carcinoma only showed up on the scan - which feels really weird and very scary.

Was strong last night but now fallen into lots of pieces - crying, angry, want it all to just disappear - I also can’t sleep and was thinking I might try sleeping tablets - if only to get some headspace.   

I use Insight Timer which is a free app to meditate - find it helpful to get to sleep but then wake in the middle of the night with my head spinning

Chrissy H - hope your MRI scan went ok? 

Here to help and support you all - it feels a very lonely place at times …x