Newly Diagnosed


I was recently diagnosed with invasive ductal cancer just before Christmas and am waiting to have a lumpectomy.  It was discovered on a routine screening, I had no lump and no symptoms but ever since i had the biopsy, i’ve been feeling some mild pain and discomfort in my breast and to the side.  Not sure if this from the biopsy, as that is over a month ago, the assisting nurse pressed down on my breast quite hard while they took samples, or whether this is cancer pain. 

I can’t stop worrying, has anyone else experienced this?


Hello @Rainbird  

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I’m so sorry you’ve joined the club no-one asks to join.

Your story is not uncommon, I too was diagnosed after my first routine mammogram no signs no lump to feel but very very thankful for it being found when it was 

What you are experiencing is very common: we all start to experience all sorts of weird feelings and sensations after diagnosis and through treatment. Please be assured that this isn’t a sign of anything unusual or untoward, and our imaginations are usually the biggest problem at this stage. 

Have you been given a full diagnosis and treatment plan? Please feel free to come onto the forums to ask any questions you may have regarding your diagnosis or treatment or you can always call the helpline at the top of the page as the nurses are extremely kind and helpful 

Wishing you all the best with your treatment 

AM xxx

Hi Rainbird,

 I am sorry you have been diagnosed and it would be silly of me to tell you not to worry. However I am sure you don’t need to worry that the discomfort you feel is caused by cancer, it will be from the biopsy. I was diagnosed in August after recall from a routine mammogram and had two biopsies, both caused pain and discomfort for a few weeks. When being examined by my surgeon about six weeks later he commented that he could still feel some thickening from the biopsy but assured me that it was quite normal.

 I hope this helps to ease your worries and that you don’t have to wait too long for your surgery.

Sending big hugs xx

Hi I was diagnosed with 5 cm DCIS in November. I had a wire guided lumpectomy a week later. I was petrified of having the wire in but they numb the area with local anaesthetic first and I didn’t feel anything. The core biopsy was more painful. The after surgery was more discomfort than pain and I didn’t need pain killers. Unfortunately 2 mm of IDC found so had a further lumpectomy to clear the margins and biopsy the sentinel nodes. That was over 3 weeks ago and I am still waiting for pathology results. Good luck for your operation.

Hi there I was diagnosed last year.

I had a lumpectomy on the 9th January where they removed 120g of cancer and “good” tissue and they also removed 2 lymph nodes from my armpit. I have a large cut but it’s healing very well, I’ve developed something called “cording” which is quite painful but I can work on this with exercises and massage. 
I had an appointment today, all the cancer was removed from my breast, the lymph nodes are clear so next step will be some radiotherapy in 6-8 weeks but I was actually “discharged” from the breast unit.

I can’t tell you the relief I feel it’s amazing and I know I am one of the lucky ones. 
It can be fully treated if caught early enough. I’m on tamoxifen and and will have yearly mammograms both for the next 5 years.

its tough being positive all the time whilst ur waiting for results etc it seems  your brain just can’t help itself

anyway I wish you all the best xxxxxx