Newly diagnosed

Hi, my mum has been diagnosed with breast cancer 3 weeks ago, she has been told she will have a masectomy and treatment will be decided once they test the tumour and the lymph nodes. How quickly after diagnoses should you have your surgery???

How Catto, different hospitals probably vary, but in London mine was exactly 4 weeks from diagnosis to day of surgery. Good luck to your mum, sure she’ll be fine. xxJacqxx

mine was about 4 weeks after diagnosis- best of luck to yourt mum catto xx

Whoops! For ‘How’ read ‘Hi’! Chase them up if you haven’t heard anything. I think my surgeon ‘pencilled me in’ in his diary at the diagnosis appointment.

Thanks for all your info, it looks like it is going to be at least another 3 weeks before surgery, is that not a long time to wait???

Hi Catto,

How are you doing? My surgery was just over 4 weeks after diagnosis. Has your Mum been introduced to her breast cancer care nurse? they are a great point of contact if you or your Mum are worried about anything, no question is too daft.

It is natural to worry at this point that everything is taking ages, I remember just wanting to get on with things, but I think in the grand scheme of things a wait of 6 weeks for surgery is not excessive, I was told that a few weeks wait wouldn’t make any difference.

I had to have a mastectomy as well so if you have any questions just ask and I’ll try my best to answer.

Love and hugs to both you and your Mum, take care,


Hi Catto

I was diagnosed end April, and had my op mid-June, which was partly because I went on a clinical trial, but I would have had a 4-5 week wait anyway. I’m in London. If the grade and any other factors already known make it urgent, you get whipped in for surgery much, much quicker. So do take comfort from the fact that it will be a bit longer.

This must be such a worrying time for you, and for your mum, while you come to terms with the diagnosis and try to get over the shock it will make you both feel.

Veggiebean is right - your mum’s breast care nurse will be an excellent point of contact. She will be able to ring and ask any questions she has about any aspect of how she’s feeling and what the treatment will entail. As well as answering any general questions the BCN will have access to your mum’s specific case so will be able to relate the answers to her situation.

For more general advice and questions, you can call the helpline run by this site, or there’s information available from the other cancer charities. This site does lots of excellent leaflets about different types of breast cancer and the different treatments that are given for it.

Good luck with supporting your mum on this difficult journey. It will get better once there’s a definite plan and timings to work towards. All the very best to you and your mum!

Hello Catto

I had my op 2 1/2 weeks after dx. They have an idea how agressive the tumour is from path results and will op quickly if they are worried. Mine was aggresive grade 3. I understand that some tumours take years to progress so in the grand scheme of things I don’t think 6 weeks is too long - saying that waiting is awful and probably one of the worst things.

Take care and love to you both, this site is sooo supportive. Ask someone here will always be able to help.


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Thanks everybody for all your advice and support. Mum contacted her BCN and they are trying to get her operation done sooner. So fingers crossed. xo