newly diagnosed

Hi everyone, just wanted to thank you all for your kind comments and support. To know that others have been through all this and have come out the other side is a great comfort. I did manage to tell my eldest son and he was upset that I had not told him at the beginning.
I have my lumpectomy tomorrow so am feeling a little nervous tonight, but I am going to take each part of the treatment one step at a time.
I have a triple negative invasive carcinoma so chemo seems to be a definite, as hormone treatment does not work on these. Still op first and then wait and see.
Speak to you all later in the week.

Hi Moses
Just sending you lots of good wishes for your lumpectomy tomorrow.
I remember you had not told your eldest son, we can never win can we, but we mean well!
Take care lots of hugs and thoughts
Sandra xxx

Hi Moses, just sending you a big hug for tomorrow. I had my lumpectomy last May 2009 and have done chemo, rads, surgery etc. I have 6 herceptins to go. Take your time and keep us posted as and when you are able. Try and stay strong (easier said than done I know), but remember it is all do-able.
loadsa love

Will be thinking of you moses, take it all in small steps, there is a wealth of support and knowledge on here so help you through

rhi xxx