Newly diagnosed

I’ve just got my results back last night although not fully conclusive the Dr told me it was Ductal and had just touched my lymph nodes although he thinks it has’nt spread yet. Plan of action is 18 weeks of Chemo followed by Mastectomy including node removal then radiation treatment and finally reconstruction. Wow thats a lot to take in. I am really really scared but have managed to keep it together when telling people like my mum and dad etc cause they are even more frightened than I am. Starting chemo end of next week which is really good cause I just want to get on with fighting it now. Did’nt sleep very well last night kept having panic attacks, so took a Diazepam to calm me down which are a god send. Also my elbow joints are really hurting, and I feel a bit dizzy sort of like vertigo all the time not sure what that is whether its because of all the stress and anxiety. Really really worried about this node thing someone tell me its not so bad please?



Sorry that you have had to join us but this is a good place for support, with plenty of people who know what you are going through.

The lymph nodes are part of your immune system they act like filters to trap bacteria and foreign cells such as cancer cells and contain lots of white blood cells to fight infection, the presence of cancer cells there is classified as part of the primary breast cancer and not as secondaries.

Ductal is the most common form, and means that it started in the ducts.

It is hard to tell people as I found that doing so seemed to make it more real, but glad to see that you view the chemo as a positive thing. I am almost at the end of my course, started in December, and only 1 left now. I had chemo post surgery, but I am sure that others who had it before will be along soon.

If you have any questions keep posting as there nearly always be someone who has been there and can help.


Hi Sarah

So sorry that you have had to join us but the warmest of welcomes.

Firstly I am so sorry that you have had to receive so much information at one time, it is mind blowing and in my view the most scary thing you will probably ever have to face. That said just from reading and realising how many people are struck down with this disease does show you it is possible to come out the other side, so do your best to stay positive and smile.

With regard to the ‘node thing’, I have been told that my nodes appear clear but when I have my lumpectomy on 29 March they are going to do a Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy so they can examine the removed nodes to eliminate any need to remove them all. I have been told that it is better if the nodes are clear but until they can test they cannot be completely sure. I would try your very best to stay positive and accept what you have been told so far. Do not waste your energies worrying over this and concentrate on the Chemo for now.

I can completely understand your fears and anxiety as I am in that place too. I was only diagnosed on 28 February when the tests were done and given confirmation on 9 March and as I say I go in for surgery in just over a week. Then its a waiting game again for a further two weeks to find out if they have taken enough away and if not further surgery. That will then be followed by 5 months of chemo and then rads. The good thing is you can come to this place and get all the support and comfort you could possibly need from people who truly do understand how you feel and want to offer you support.

Keep smiling through the tears and remember you will come through this.

Best wishes
Tracy x

I have reached the other end having had both chemo and rads. I had a lumpectomy and was found to have had an agressive cancer but because I had found it early it had not spread to my nodes. I had to wait two weeks after op for the results. The chemo was tough but I found talking to other women at the clinic whilst getting it done really helped. Try and take someone with you if you can. They can give you different sorts of medication for the sickness. I had a total of eight months off and am now back at work part time. You will get through it…good luck