newly diagnosed

hi maz,i too had bit of a shite day emotionally but ur post made me smile! ive been googling wigs 2day!my youngest told me 2 get a ginger one! bless him he doesnt no but lets make it a game!hope u had a good scream and shout in shower and feel a lil betta?ha! i like the boob naming thing!will be thinkin of names al nite but prob be banned from site if i said em! love alex xxx

hey i4ot 2 say maz, i spent all day

at work fri sporting a very fetchin baby blue wig courtesy of one of my class ben,who is autistic and huge katy perry fan! think il give the blue a miss!alex x

alex that me laugh baby blue wig, my son is called ben also, he has asked for a black afro wig for himself not that he would put it on he just loves afro hair of all colours kids gotto love em xx

Hiya Maz & Alex

I have just been reading your posts about wigs and I have not laughed so much in ages, proper belly laugh out loud what must the neighbours think!!! Thank you both I needed that.

Unlike both of you I don’t think I am going to bother going down the wig route. I have very short hair anyway (almost pixie style but a bit spikey on the top if you can imagine) so once the hair is gone I aint really gonna miss it…well thats what I am telling myself anyway. I wear neck scarves quite a bit anyway (having worked in law firms for over 15 years had to wear suits and smart gear so have scarves in many different colours etc) and both my husband and I think I am probably going to go down the head scarf route. I have, to practice and get used to it, just ordered one online from a company called Amoena, the leaflet was given to me by the BCN at the hospital. Ordered it in cream so it goes with anything and I am going to try wearing it at home to get used to it. If hair does not fall out then nothing lost but at least I will be ready lol!!!

To say I have butterflies and am anxious would be an understatement. I could not wait for the weekend to fly by so I could be nearer to Tuesday as I want it over and done with but now…omg I am getting very jittery. Not really done much crying over past couple of days but I am feeling sorry for myself as I have a stinking cold, what a time to get that. Its not gone to my chest…unlike the cancer!! lol…so hopefully they will still do the op. Going to phone BCN tomorrow for advice.

I have sent you both a contact request, think we should add each to our contact list as we are all getting on so well. I too am on the laptop all the time so do send me as many messages as you like, that way we can all support one another.

Lots of love
Tracy xxxxxxx

tracy im happy you laughed we all need a laugh at some point and i seen you hair you did have a pic in yr profile been a long time since mine was that short in fact aint shaved it since my teens im going to have a look at the company for the scarves cos after the cheep wig i got i may not wear one myself i thought i look a right blonker lol
thanks for the contact request
today scott (my boob ) is really giving me sume stick roll on wens when he gets wots comming to him, have had the throbbing pain on and off all day he may not knock me down but sure as hell get on me last one im trying to forget about it then it starts and i start thinking about it again .sure hope your cold dont stop the op hun cos like you i want it gone i know we still have a long rd to go but the main part of it will be gone well thats how im looking at it , i know wot you mean wanting this week end over cos i feel the same dont know wot im going to do tomorrow but tuesday i have appointments , school in morning (telling my son ) and teens girls at the dentist afternoon but i will be thinking of you hope you find time to let us know how you are getting on
all the best maz x

hiya,glad it made u laugh tracey,think maz may be as daft as i am!haha !joking! hope ur wkend has been ok tracey,not long now will be over and done with b4 u know it.will be thinking of as soon as u feel up 2 it.maz,good luck with skool 2 mo and ur op thoughts will be with u 2-bloody hell wish i was goin in this wk.will beso annoying 2 u both askin all sorts!i will warn u now!ta 4 the the contact thingy good idea reckon ive added u but cos im crap at puters i prob done it wrong and will pick ur brains if required! tracey ireckon u will look cool without hair!i will look like 1 of those old wizzened spuds u find lurkin in ur veg drawer!lots of love and luck girls.alex xxx

lol maz. ur booby is called scott!! ha!

well that was my ex hubbys name lol

Hi all

I am posting just really to reassure people who are newly diagnosed. I was diagnosed in February and had my operation on the 7th March at Nottingham City Hospital (day unit). As with Tracy, I was told when I had my core biopsy that I would have a lumpectomy with SNB and rads afterwards and also Arimidex for 5 years. I think they know by looking at the result of the biopsy (mine is 0.5 small one) and estrogen positive, hence the Arimidex. I also took arimidex 2 weeks before the op. as I am in a clinical trial. Also took it post op for 2 weeks as well. No side effects, in fact felt better than ever. Well, I had the op and yes I was very nervous before, just waiting really, but had it and felt that it was not too bad really. Ive never had an operation before and I was terrified. I went in at 9 am in the morning to have the wire put in, for the surgeon to be able to see where it was when removing it. Then had to go to day unit to “wait”, which was the worst time for me. Lots of consultations with surgeon, the man who administers the anasthetic, can never spell that word, and others. Had op, which really was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Went home, straight to bed. I never had much pain, only slight pain. Took paracetamol but only for a day or so. Now it is 3 weeks since operation and I am fine. Tuesday 29th is “D” day for results which I am quite positive about, but still worried, as we all are. I kept saying to myself “it has to be done”, and it was…Chris x

chissy,thank u 4 ur post,makes me feel a lil betta bout my turn nxt wk also an op virgin ha!had 2 beatiful boys but 2 me that doesnt count as bein in hosp!lots of love and rest up if u can,take care alex x

sorry chrissy,my typing skills are zero, all the very best 4 ur results fingers toes and whateva else i can cross is crossed 4 u love alex xx


Thank you for crossing everything for me. YOU WILL BE FINE!! Believe me, you really will. There was only one thing which I thought was strange after the op. They gave me tea and toast. I think the tea is fine, but the toast is not a very good idea as your throat is a little sore and maybe something softer will be better…toast is a litle bit too crunchy and crackly. Good luck…and do not be afraid.

chris x

Hey girls

Scott how funny is that…you two are so funny thats why I love ya!!! I did think of calling mine after my ex husband…Paddy (Patrick) but as much as I hate my boob and the cancer I hate that b*****d even more so decided against it but hey what a fantastic idea very funny Maz!

Do you know what today has to go down as one of best days I have had for a good while. Great laugh on here with my girls, lovely sunshine and nice walk with my boys (Max & Bob my dogs), lovely dinner cooked by my equally lovely husband followed by a nice cuddle on the sofa watching telly. Does that sound like a stressed woman to you…not today I am saving that for tomorrow!!! ha ha

Alex, you pick my brains as much as you like, its only by talking to people who have been through it that you can begin to stay calm about it yourself, I am more than happy to let you know how is. Once I am home on Tuesday evening (so long as blood pressure is not too low and they keep me in!) I will put laptop on and send you all a message to say I am still here!!!

Tracy xx

thanx chrissy,if they give me toast they will be wearing it!ha!xx


Yes I can just imagine the nurse with the toast wrapped round her head! Great…

Chris x

alex if the toast is anything like i remember hosptial food to be it will bounce off lol

tracy i hate my ex so much too mine was alot like yrs i was even put in hosptial one time but i got back up but that was long ago and i said ill never let anything one or thing bring me down again the B word is too good a name for him.
Really happy you had a good day lucky you had the sunshine cos we didnt didnt rain tho so i got on with the washing and even showed daughter how to do (dont think she will keep it up tho took her 5 hours to bring it to me ) once kids went up to bed so did me and hubby cuddles and film (hall pass so funny ) so nice to be able to do that
chrissy the main thing im worried about when it come to the op is waking up with one hell of a bad head like i did after my last op oh and needles i hate them think thats why i had bad head i made them gas me to put me to sleep but it has to be done the sooner the better (bye bye scott lol ). good luck tuesday the waiting is almost over for you hate that part i was dx end of feb had to have 2 biopsy(got me in early for the 2nd one as it should of been last week ) really hate the waiting game will be thinking of you
tc all of you maz xxx