newly diagnosed

Can I use this forum if I live in the usa?

Hello and welcome to the Breast Cancer Care discussion forums. You are more than welcome to join in here where ever you live.

I hope you get the support and information you are looking for.

Best wishes,
Jo, Facilitator

Hi Theatercat and welcome, though I’m sorry you find yourself here. You may find that we use different names for some medicines and products and of course most of us are being treated by the National Health Service, but in terms of everyday coping you will find a lot of support. If you are confused about any differences in terms and can’t find the equivalent by yourself just ask and someone can probably explain.


Thanks so much for the welcome! I don’t know if anyone is familiar with breast MRI. I had one now they are concerned with shadows on my lymph nodes. I had a core biopsy and they found a 5 centimeter tumor. Thay staged it at the upper end of stage 2. I saw the surgeon briefly, but have I have chosen to talk about treatment after all my tests are done. Tomorrow I am getting a fine needle biopsy. Any one out there with a similar situation? Thanks you.

hi theatercat, sorry u had 2 join but welcolm! i didnt have mri, found my lump myself(41yrs old) had mammo, ultrasound and core biopsy of the lump.results showed a malignant growth so had lumpectomy and sentinal node biopsy 4th april. the ultra did show my lymph nodes were clear but normal practice 2 have biopsy whilst having the op. luckily had clear margins, no node involvement and have done12/20 radiotherapy treatments(tumour was invasive ductal,1.5cm grade 2) my onc said chemo was not needed 4 me. am e+ so tamoxafen for 5yrs (been taking 4 2 months) good luck and love 2 u alex xxx

hi, and welcome. I think proceedures are slightly different on each side of the pond, but in one way you are in the same position as many of us–waiting for results. I have not had an MRI just mamogram, ultrasound and core biopsy and we are going to do a lumpectomy and sential node biopbsy to find out more about what is going on.

presumably the fine needle biopsy is on the lymph nodes, i had shodows on one, but the needle biopsy did not find anything, so they want to look into it furthur when i am on the table.

Do come on here to ask for support and advice, or just to vent frustration.We might be on different time zones, but there is always someone around with words of advice or encouragement