Newly diagnosed

Hi everyone, I am 31 years old and found out on monday that I have breast cancer. All I know is that the lump is almost 4cm in size. I am waiting for the results of biopsy before they can tell me more. Feel like I am in a bit of a daze and hate not knowing.

Hiya Nicz sorry that you have had to post on here, the first post I found was the hardest, you wonder whether anyone will read it and whether they will reply, I am sure they will.
Finding out you have bc is just mind blowing and especially this time of year, I know there is never a ‘good time’ but with Christmas just around the corner this must have sent you into a complete tizz!
When will you get the results?
You will find that all you seem to do now is wait, wait, wait for everything and you just want answers today! well that’s how you will feel if you are anything like me.
My advice is just take each step as it comes try to keep busy and just basically do what your body is telling you to do, don’t think you have to be brave for everyone, although we are all guilty of this.
Most importantly come on here you will find it really helps, I was on it all the time when I was first diagnosed (Sept) I don’t need it as much now you do learn to cope and it does get easier trust me.

hi Nicz, sorry you find yourself on here, but you have done the right thing. the support and advice on here is wonderful and will help you get through this.

you will feel in a daze its completely normal. i still am but getting better.

like sunflower has said take one day at a time. if you can keep busy do try. first few days i found it really difficult to do anything, even get of bed was hard work. i just wanted to mope round. but after a couple of days of moping i made myself get out of the house. went for a drive somewhere and had a walk round, went on train to other town looking round shops. anything to try and do something normal and take my mind of it even it was just for a bit.

once your appointments and treatment gets underway you feel a little better i am sure.

big hugs

TTM xxx

Thanks for your responses. My breast care nurse is phoning me on the 28th Dec (so one week 2day), although she is uncertain whether the results from the biopsy will be back. If they are not I will have another week to wait until the following wednesday to find out as she said that was when the consultants met and discussed new cases and results.

I am sure once I know what is happening and what the treatment will be I will feel better.

Hi there I’m 30 and was diagnosed on 3 November this year. I’ve had 2 lumpectomy operations and removal of all my lymph nodes from right arm pit. I totally understand where you are coming from. Wen i 1st found out it felt surreal and all i could think about was if i would be around for my 2 kids aged 4 and 11 months. The wtg was the worse but my bone scan and mammogram results were given on same day it was the ct scan i had to wait the longest for. Just try to keep as busy as you can. Good luck to you with the rest of the tests. X

Hi Mary C, what you have said is just what I keep thinking my two girls are 7 and 4. I havent had a bone scan or CT scan. The sample they took from my lymph’s was priliminary clear. I have had a chest xray and bloods taken. The waiting is driving me NUTS, trying my best to keep busy but days just seem soooooo long!

Hey Nicz

Yes the waiting room is the worse place to be right now the not knowing. But when you get those results it is a relief once a treatment plan is discussed, agreed and started.

Just know we are all here for you in every way. Do try and keep busy, i know thats easier said than done and every second thought leads you back to your BC diagnosis but im thankful they have found it and can deal with it for you.


Nicz honestly your kids Will keep you going i no mine are. One day we Will look back and be thankful we got thru this because we Will get thru. There Will be light on the other side. X x x try to contact your breast nurse to speed things up. Mine has been a gr8 support x

Hi Nicz, sorry you have found yourself on here, of course its such a lot to take in once you hear those words.Wiating is the worse. I had a tumour of 4.5cm and it was aggressive. I had chemo first then surgery, lymph node clearance and then rads. There is light at the end of the tunnel for you, I know thats not easy to believe at the moment. Just take each day at a time, accept ALL offers of help from friends and family, I was diagnosed 13 months ago and couldnt have got through treatment without the great support of my family and close friends. However this forum if fantastic, the support you will get from friends on here is what you need as however your family mean well, people on here are going through or gone through what you are. Sending you a hug, Ness xx

Thank you all for your kind words. Hearing from people that have been through it or are going through the same thing really is a great comfort.

Ness - At my initial diagnoses I was told there was a 70-80% chance that I would have chemo first too. But he couldn’t be sure until results came back. My partner Stevie has been my rock and I know he will continue to be throughout. My family are all really supportive and I know no matter what I will have their support too.

Mary C - My kids and family are my world. I am staying positive (most of the time anyway). Fingers crossed its good news on the 28th and I find out what my treatment plan will be. Trying to put it to the back of my mind and enjoy christmas with my family and kids.

Lisa - Thank you for your kind words. I am glad to have people who are going through this experience to talk to.

Nicola xxxx

Hi nicz,

Sorry to hear your news I’m 32 and found out last month I had breast cancer. I feel my whole worlds been turned upside down but am lucky to have a lovely husband and family to help me through this. I had my first chemo two days ago so am feeling pretty rough at the mo. but Christmas is a few days away and it’s my daughters 1st Christmas something to look forward to. My advice would be take each day at a time and set your self nice things to look forward to.

Hi Nicz and the other people on this message. I was about to begin my own but this one seemed right for me too… I am 30 years old. I hope I am not gate-crashing but would like to chat with you all please…

Yesterday I had the ultrasound, mammogram and biopsy on a lump in my breast and what feels like an inflammed gland in my armpit. The doctor is pretty sure it is cancer and now I have to wait until January 5th for the results.

I am totally shocked and a bit numb keeping on thinking that I am about to wake up… I am forcing myself to expect the worst from the results. I have driven myself mad googling (which I have then read is bad news) but I just want to feel informed about what next, stages, likely treatments, side effects, if it has spresd etc.

Needless to say I am petrified. My boyfriend has been incredible so far and I am sure will continue to be so but I feel in a total daze! Can anyone help me please?

Thank you in advance. Joanna. X

Hi Danica

Thank you for your advice. Its nice to hear from people going through the same thing. I am trying to keep as positive as I can and am looking forward to spending christmas with my girls and family. I hope u have a good christmas with your little girl and aren’t feeling rough for too long!

Take care

Nicola xx

Hi Joanna and welcome to the BCC forums

I am sorry to read that you are going through such a difficult time at the moment, in addition to the support your fellow forum users will be along with soon, please feel free to call our helpliners. The lines are open 9-5 Mon-Fri and 9-2 Sat on 0808 800 6000

Take care

Hi Joanna

Im not sure how much help I can be other than to let u know you are not on your own and everything you have said is exactly how I feel. I have been reassured by people on here that once we have our results and treatment plans in place that we will begin to feel a bit better.

My Breast care nurse is phoning me on the 28th but she doesnt expect my results to be back until the 4th January. So I know exactly how you are feeling. The waiting is a NIGHTMARE!!

I am sorry if this is of little help to you, I am just as scared and worried as you are.

Nicola xx

Nicola thank you a million for your quick reply.

It sounds as if things are the same then. Results for me on the 5th. I have just got off the phone to one of the nurses who was lovely. She answered some questions that I had and explained the little bump in my armpit to me a bit more. I called her so maybe you could call yours if you wanted to speak sooner?

Good luck with the wait. Somehow I feel that I might be back on here sooner than later but do message me if you want to chat at any point. GGgrrrrrrr that it is Christmas week! =(

Joanna. X

Hi Joanna

Yes we are all here for you Hun. It’s a very emotional place and I know right now you are so frightened but that’s a natural way to feel, we ALL feel it Hun so express yourself here and we will see you through it.

Do try not to google as so much info is out of date and remember a statistic is just that…a statistic…you are not one. Stay on here or look at the Macmillan website for up to date info…you will scare yourself silly searching random websites…been there…done that.

Waiting is just the worse part of this journey but honestly Hun it gets easier to cope with. You will have your down days where you will experience a range of emotions but you will have as many normal days where you just rise above it.

I was dx in September so it’s all still new to me and I have had the most ups and downs in the last 3 months than in my 42 years…but when you are down…the only way is up. Only do today, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. Much love,light and blessings…to each and everyone of us suffering right now xxxx

Glad that you have got some answers from the nurses Joanna. My breast care nurse is lovely and I know I can phone and ask her anything too.

Its the waiting that is killing me, and yes it horrible with it being christmas week, the only blessing being that my girls are super excited and we have a busy few days ahead.

If you ever want to chat then feel free to message me too.

Nicola xx

Hi ladies, the waiting is the worst, I was dx in sept and luckily I didn’t need chemo but its hearing those words"breast cancer" I googled everything. Massive mistake, made me worse, my head is still all over the place but every day I tell myself I’m getting better. This forum is great and the ladies give gr8 advice. When I was waiting on results I seemed to have one good day then a bad day. I know its easier said than done, but please try and enjoy christmas and then deal with the results when you get them in the new year. Thinking of you all. Xx

Hi Nicz and Joanna and any other ladies who are in the process of being DX or waiting.

I am so sorry you are going through this awful time, but welcome to this fantastic and supportive sight -WARNING THIS IS A LONG MESSAGE SO APPOLOGIES IN ADVANCE.

I can relate to all your concerns and fears along with many others here on this site. YOU WILL COME THROUGH IT HONEST MY LOVELIES!! IT’S A TOUGH PERIOD AND TEARS WILL FLOW AT RANDOM TIMES AT REALLY ODD TIMES TOO ONE MIN OK THEN NEXT EMOTIONAL. Talk talk talk really helps and personally i found researching everything helped me, not everyone likes to do that though. Do Ask Questions when you are ready!!!

This stage from checking lump and waiting for results is the hardest and most mentally draining for everyone!!.SUCKS IT REALLY DOES.

And as its happening to you it feels like the worst thing to ever of happend and you feel like you must of really done something wrong in a previous life or pissed the Gods off up there!! I KNOW I DID AND STILL DO. Everything else will feel so less important at this moment in time.

Im only 42!! yeah a young spring chicken lol well, the mind likes to thinks so.
(you see when i was 23 i had a scare and it turned out ok)

NOW 20 years later…to present day.(more advanced medicine and available info and web sites and support oh and options too)

This time last week I was like you worry reading up etc I went to Hosp on 7th Dec had all the works done re Mam u/s an 3 core biopsies and was told suspicious lumps and enlarged Lymphs had to go on 13th for confirmation of cancer in lumps and lymph etc will be put on Tamoxafien as i am eastrogen receptive so this drug will help block eastrogen.

Shocking to say the least as i was expecting a lump removed and maybe a viral infection re lymph anyway, in the space of a week I now have a date for op on 6th of Jan for MX and axillary lymph removal - My worries NOW are what is the right reconstruction for me. Everybody is different in handling each stage of their journey. Which ever way you deal with it is fine and its ok you are allowed to feel the way you do.

A huge scary tiger just turned up at my front door and barged his way into my life! I am very scared and know it could maul and maim me! But with the right support from Doctors, Nurses, Family and Friends I know I/we can tame it! Eventually the tiger will go and sit in the kitchen instead of pacing around me! I aim for the tiger to go in the garden, in the not too distant future. Once in a while, I will glance out of the window and will be reminded of him. I know he won’t ever really go away but at least the tiger will be out of my house!

My thoughts are with you all and i want to send you all my warmest best wishes at this festive time and MAY ALL OUR FUTURES BE A BRIGHT ONE
XXXXXXX p.s do let me know how you all get on. x