Newly Diagnosed

Hi, I was diagnosed on 1st November and I’m having my pre-op assessment on 26th November. I don’t know what kind of cancer I have, just that there is a lump and some lymph nodes they want to remove when they do my mastectomy. Things seem to be taking so long, I just want to get it all over and done with.

Hi Poemsgalore
I was diagnosed on May 28th this year with grade 2 invasive ductal carcinoma. I had a lymph node biopsy done before my surgery which showed cancerous cells so I had a lumpectomy, boob uplift (very nice) and a full axillary node clearance all on the left side. My surgery was done on 4th July and I started chemo on 9th August. Just had chemo dose 5 of 6 this week so nearly done. I have to have radiotherapy after the chemo , then Tamoxifen for 5 years. I am only 36, 37 next week, with a little boy who nearly 4. It is the scariest thing that I have ever had to deal with. I don’t think it gets any easier with age though. Nobody wants to be sat down and told what we have been told.
The waiting at the beginning is the hardest part. Your mind will visit some very dark and terrifying places but it does get easier. Once you have dates, histology of what your actual cancer is and then a treatment plan you seem to be able to see a finishing point.
With regards to your existing medical conditions you will be looked after. I was a nurse before I retired on ill health grounds with Multiple Sclerosis last year ( I am not sounding like a healthy person am I?). I am. My MS has been fine throughout. I had never had an anaesthetic before so was a proper baby about it all. Looking back the surgery was the easiest part, and alot of ladies on here will tell you the same. It is not any where near as painful as you think it will be. Ladies will respond who have had mastectomies to let you know how it all feels.
You are in the right place for support. So sorry you have had to join our club but we are all here for you. Ask anything you want, no matter how silly you may think it sounds.
Good Luck,

Hello poemsgalore

I’m sorry you appear to have a long wait for your op but it does seem like hospitals work differently depending on your area.
I was diagnosed with grade 1 invasive ductal carcinoma on the 31st of October and had my pre op 3 days later. My Surgery is booked for the 20th of November and I was told it would have a been a week earlier but my Surgeon was on holiday. So mine was a total of 28 days from my initial Mammogram to surgery.
There may be a very valid reason why you dont have a date yet. May I suggest you ring your breast care Nurse and ask her if she can let you know what is going on as you are anxious

I hope you get some answers soon
Best wishes

Hello poemsgalore

I was diagnosed with grade 3 invasive breast cancer on the 25th October…well I wasnt told what type it was at the results meeting but I asked for a written summary which came the other day… it did shock me as at the meeting they reassured me they had caught it early ish…I wasnt expecting the grade to be that high… fortunately my nodes were clear but I have my op on the 27th Nov and sentinel nodes biopsy at the same time… the waiting is the worst time… i have my pre op on the 16th and they have called me in on the 22nd…not sure why maybe to discuss procedures etc… i am keeping a diary which is helping somewhat… im finding my emotions are all over the place… snapped at my husband this morning… bless him he just hugged me …maybe you coud ring your BCN and talk to her about what type you have and grade etc… like a lot of women/men on here take one day at a time hun… easier said than done i know but support is always here xx

Hi Sandra51

I think your appointment on the 22nd will be a meeting with your Surgeon to discuss the op. Had my pre op on the 2nd, see my Surgeon on the 14th and my op is on the 20th.

Hi Funk

I thought that is what it might be… Ive had to start a seperate calender with all the appointments!! yourself my surgeon is fitting me in before he goes on 2 weeks holiday!!

Hi Sandra

Don’t forget to write a list of any questions you may have for the Surgeon. I have as I normally remember something I wanted to ask once I have left an appointment. I am also taking my Daughter as an extra pair of ears.

Good luck

Hi Sandra

I had my mastectomy in June. I waited 3 weeks between diagnosis and op and I think they were the worst 3 weeks of this whole experience. Your head goes everywhere doesn’t it? I found the op, the first I had ever had, scary but was surprised at how easy this was. Nowhere near the pain I anticipated. It is a while after the op that you get the info you need to answer all the questions in your head. I had 2 tumors, Fred & Rosemary we call them, HER2 positive but luckily my nodes were clear. I have my last Chemo next week followed by a year of Herceptin.
I found that once the op was over and I knew what I was dealing with it was easier to be positive. I have not enjoyed chemo but it is a means to an end. My daughter gets married at the end of December and that marks the end of this bit too so it gave me a focus. Friends and family have been great and seeing a close friend who has been through it just weeks ahead of me has shown me there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Stay positive. I hope all goes well for you.

Hi all,
Sorry I’ve not posted for ages, had trouble logging on, but have made it now. I have my op on 12th December, so only a few more days to go. Since my first posting I’ve found out I have invasive ductal cancer, but not the size or grade. I’m not too worried about op (mastectomy + sentinal node biopsy) was just a bit worried that the pseudomonas in my crappy lungs would start playing up. I have had an exacerbation (bronchiectasis) but took antibiotics for that. The doctor I saw at my diagnosis seemed to think the anaesthetist wouldn’t agree to give me a general, and that I would have to keep taking tablets to stop it from growing and spreading (I also know now my cancer is es+ and pr+) The thought of not having the whole thing removed worried me. Now I know it can go, I feel much better. Just worried now that bad weather might prevent me, or the surgeon etc from getting to the hospital - as if I haven’t got enough to worry about. Thanks for all your support and advice, you’re a fab lot of ladies.

PG xxx

ps, all best to everyone. xx

Good luck on the 12th. Having a date helps you focus a bit better.
Will be thinking of you.

Its such a comfort to know after reading all these posts im not alone with feeling the way i do. Im normally such a strong person but this is so frightening. Ive just discovered this forum and im due to have a lumpectamy on Thursday and sentinel node removed. I also worry about the pressure this causes my partner. we dont live together but i really dont want to be too emotional or demanding. Its so so difficult.