Newly diagnosed

Have just been diagnosed with DCIS and will be having a WLE with a biopsy on the lymph nodes on 8th may as they are not sure it hasn’t spread outside the duct which was diagnosed by a routine mammogram no signs or symptoms god bless the NHS most of the time I’m dealing with it but others all I can think about is dying i so don’t want to go yet I have a very young outlook on life and feel like I’m half my age I’m off on sick leave from work at the moment so have so much time in which to think was planning on taking the dog for lots of long walks but she’s hurt her foot so can’t do that at the moment wondered if any of you girls(or guys) had any tips on how to deal with those pesky negative thoughts that keep pestering me thank you!!

Hi Looby
So sorry that you, like so many others, are in this awful situation. I just wanted to encourage you by telling you about my experiences which in the scheme of things are really very good. I too am 53 and was diagnosed with Grade 3 Invasive Ductal Cancer, I had an ultrasound on my armpit which showed no sign of spread but was not 100% certain. There was then a dreadful period of waiting when I was in a very dark place, with night terrors and mind on overdrive as to what could happen. I did have some sleeping tablets from my GP to help on some nights. It turned out I am very lucky. The surgeon got the lump out in one go and the sentinel node biopsy on 4 nodes showed no spread. I was amazed at how quickly I recovered from the surgery. My treatment plan is now Radiotherapy and then a hormone tablet for 5 years.
Of course this is only one experience and everybody on this forum has a different story to tell; we all know how awful you feel right now and send your our very best wishes. I hope you are are even luckier than me. In terms of filling time my dog did take me for very long walks (though nowhere near as nice as Devon - in fact we are moving to Crediton this summer!) I also started watching my box set of West Wing, (which I have had for 5 years and never opened). I tried not to be alone at night and if my husband was working late I called friends and invited myself round or vice versa.
With my very best wishes for a good outcome.
Rachel x

Hi every1, just joined this site. I have just been recently diagnosed with bc two weeks ago, so it is all new to me. I don’t understand all the letters for different things. All I have been told is that I have an invasive breast cancer and will need lumpectomy and some lymph nodes biopsys to see if I need chemo along with radiotherapy. I go on tuesday for pre op assesment, what happens there can any1 enlighten me?
Thanks Doreen x

Thank you Rachel it does help when you hear positive comments from fellow sufferers my family and friends are very supportive but I know nobody at all that has suffered from this wretched bc and nobody in my family has ever had it either so the news came totally out of the blue I knew the moment the call back letter came that it was the dreaded bc I never get called back for anything!! Wishing I could get the op out of the way just over a month to go just feel in limbo although not having much trouble sleeping at the moment probably cos I have a uncanny ability to put things totally to the back of my mind a coping mechanism I guess good to know I can come on here and chat should I feel the need and by the way Crediton is lovely now the weather’s is warming up I hope!! Thank you!!


I too have Ductal Invasive, ER+, PR+. HER2-, tumour 3cm, grade 3, and 1 node affected. Had mx and now on chemo, probably rads then 5 years of pill popping - I’m not going anywhere, and not even considering the death issue. It’s far too early to worry about that yet. I’m going to be cured and enjoy the rest of my life. Try to focus on the positive, you have found it pretty early and it can be dealt with. When you have a treatment plan you will feel more in control and things WILL get easier, believe it or not. Sorry if I sound a bit short, but my last cycle of chemo has left me feeling a bit crappy, but I will be ok and get through this. Good luck and i hope your dog recovers so you can enjoy walks with her again soon.

Poemsgalore xxx

Thank you poemsgalore talking here helps put things into perspective and you are so right when you write about a treatment plan the feeling of being out of control goes a long way to making me feel the way I do I’m sorry you’re feeling crappy at the moment but if it helps I’m always up for a chat dogs paw is getting better baby sock has stopped her from locking it!! Take care :))

My bc was also found on a routine mammogram. It was 15mm invasive ductal, grade 3 aggressive, no spread to lymph nodes and no vascular invasion. Hormone negative but HER2 positive. The tumour was removed completely by wide local excision and I am now on chemo and Herceptin, with rads to be sorted later. As far as I am concerned, my cancer has gone. It is in the bin in the pathology lab. The chemo is there to help kill off any stray microcells that just may have escaped undetected. I refuse to consider any other possibility and let “dark moments” take over my life. I am 65 and fully intend to grow very old very disgracefully. If the cancer comes back, I will face it when the time comes. and not before. As poemsgalore said, it is far too early to start worrying along those lines, and that will do you no good at all.

You are in the worst possible place right now - the Waiting Room. Once you have had your biopsies and surgery and know exactly what you are dealing with you will start to regain some control and, trust me, will feel so much better.

Good luck, xxx

Thank you lola am worried about lymph node biopsy and what that will show agree that once I have all the info will probably felt better because I’ll know what I’m dealing with gaining a little perspective on here thank you girls it’s nice to know I really am not the only one:)) many good wishes to you allx