Newly diagnosed

I am 59yrs old and have just been diagnosed with breast cancer. I am devastated. It was such a shock. The day after I was in total shock and just felt sick all day. Today is better and I am going to take it a day at a time and hopefully stay strong. I have the left breast removed next month. I am feeling so scared. I have read some of the posts and it is good to know there are others out there.

Hi Melena,

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Care Discussion Forums. I’m sure other users of the site will be along soon to offer support but in the meantime I thought it might be helpful to post a link to information and resources aimed at people recently diagnosed with breast cancer:

Pease do also give the Helpline a call if you would like to talk to someone in confidence, they can offer information and support Tel. 0808 800 6000 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 10am-2pm).

With best wishes,

Anna, BCC Moderator

Hello Melena
I totally understand what you are going through and how you are feeling. The shock is something that takes a while to get over, but you will and you will find also that you will become stronger In time too. I was diagnosed last November at 50, have had a lumpectomy and am undergoing chemo, then will have radiotherapy, then hormone treatment. There are lots of great ladies on here that will be able to support you through this, you are not alone and you can and will get through this.
Hopefully some of the ladies who have had mastectomies will reply as they have more knowledge of treatment and side effects than I do.
Keep strong and keep positive, what you are feeling is normal and you must let those emotions out, let them go and then get on with healing.
big hugs to yyou karen x


Hi Melena,
It is such a shock to the system, you know it’s happening to you but you can’t quite believe it all…
Keep posting and talking it really does help, the support on this forum is invaluable, any worries, questions etc, someone will try to help you.
Just wanted to send you big hugs, take care xx

Thank you all for your replies. I told my 84yr mam yesterday which I dreaded doing but now that is out of the way. I am feeling a bit stronger today but it still feels like a dream as if it someone else and not me. It is a scary time but I will hang on to all your thoughts.

Sending hugs your way Melena xx