Newly diagnosed

Hi, I was diagnosed on 29th May following a routine mammogram, where i was recalled for a 2nd mammogram, then ultrasound and core biopsy. The day I was diagnosed the consultant told me I had two choices either a lumpectomy or a therapeutic mammoplasty (breast reduction). They are also going to do the sentinel node removal at the same time and I will have to have Radiotherapy afterwards. He thought the 2<sup>nd</sup> option would be better for me due to the first leaving quite a large dent. We have a holiday booked the 29<sup>th</sup> July to the Caribbean which we were prepared to cancel but after speaking with the surgeon, they have told me to go on holiday and they will operate on my return as it will have no bearing on the cancer. They have started me on Tamoxfin daily. I have just phoned the insurance company to tell them and they are refusing to cover me, does anyone have any suggestions please re insurance.
Has anyone had this done recently, I am really scared but they all sound really positive.

Hi Bernie,

I’m sure your fellow forum users will be along soon to give you some much needed support, but in the meantime if you need someone to talk to in confidence then our helpline team are just a free phone call away, 0808 800 6000, lines open Mon-Fri 9-5 and Sat 10-2.

Take care,

Jo, Facilitator

Hi Bernie,

I think there will be a few insurance companies who will cover you while you are waiting for treatment, but the policy will probably exclude cover for anything relating to your bc, and your premium might be higher. We have always used Direct Travel; they have excluded pre-existing conditions - and unfortunately hiked the price up when I said I was waiting for surgery to fix my collapsed lung.

I’m guessing you’ve already had a look around the threads in Search Results | Breast Cancer Now Suggestions seem to be for Eurostar, Columbus Direct and Insure. There is a thread about Eurostar insurance, I think it was by secondaries ladies but might be of interest:

Hopefully someone more knowledgable will come along soon to help- I’ve not had a holiday abroad since pre-dx :frowning:

Lisa xx

Try Insure Pink, it is an insurance company for cancer patients. They have been really competitve on prices for me. I found them after tralling the internet after the insurance I get through my bank account refused to insure me. Give them a go.
Emma xx

Hi Lisa and Emma,
Thanks so much for your replies, this has been really stressing me out. I have trolled all the forums yesterday and had a long list, none of the above will touch me as i was only diagnosed 2 weeks ago One company did say they would for £1500 but got told where they could shove that (pardon the expression),
Last night we found one on moneysupermarket for £470 so we are going to look into this further,
Our holiday was booked 8 months ago and we are going to Barbados, back to the hotel we got married at 11 years ago. As the surgeons are telling me to go on holiday and they will operate when i get back i feel it is important to go as from my experience over the last couple of days with insurance companies - even those who claim to cover for cancer - we wont be going abroad for several years.
Best Wishes to you both
Bernie x

Go for it Bernie, you deserve a nice holiday! And going back to a special place will make it even better :slight_smile: Don’t blame you for telling the £1500 company where to shove it - that’s enough for another holiday!!
Hope you manage to get a good price for insurance. Do let us all know how you get on and who you end up using as I’m sure others will find the thread helpful in the future. We are hoping to go on a cruise to Norway in a few weeks (assuming my partner’s passport comes back in time for us to book). So I might need your suggestions soon myself!
Hope you have a fab trip!!

Have a fab holiday…you need it! The same happened to me…I was diagnosed on 4th april and my hubby had booked a surprise holiday for my 50th, we went on 20th april. To be honest, it didn’t even enter my my mind about insurance, so lucky nothing happened! I have now had a lumpectomy and on tamoxifen, start radiotherapy in 2 weeks. I am due to go to lanzarote in Sept and have now run some quotes on insurance…total rip off! At the moment I am seriously thinking of just using my card as it’s in europe and it clearly states on their wesite that it does cover existing probs…or maybe I am wrong?
Anyway have a fab holiday and try to enjoy…good luck xx

Several ladies on here have said euro tunnel is the best. There is a whole section on travel insurance on this site if you look

Hi Ladies thanks for all your replies. Sorry for the delay i have gone back to work and have been a bit tired at nights. I deceided it wasnt doing me any good ‘googling’ all day long.
We managed to get insurance for the holiday on with a company called ‘ALLCLEAR’ and they have covered by BC for the price of £480 - a rip off but better than the one’s quoting £1500.
I tried:
Eurotunnel / Insure Cancer / Insure Pink and many more on hte lists on the forums - none of these would insure me as i had only been diagonosed two weeks previous.
Hope you all enjoy your hols if you are going away and those who are not I hope the weather stays nice in the UK, Dont know about me going to a hot country I’m having enough hot sweats from the Tamoxifen at the moment.
Take Care
Bernie x

I think you wouldn’t want to be treated in another country for breast cancer, so if they can cover you without bc it should be fine as I went on holiday after surgery and before radiotherpy with lloyds bank
this should keep costs down if it suits
take care