Newly diagnosed

Hi everybody, I’m a 51 year old ex nurse with a long family history of bc, 4 blood relatives, including my daughter, who was diagnosed aged 23, and is now in her 5th year of Tamoxifen following pre surgery chemo, and rad.

I was called for my first mammogram on 14th Dec, and then 3 days later received the call back asking me to attend the BCC on 23rd Dec. I knew straight away that it wasn’t looking good, so I started looking into the practicalities of having bc. While my friends were reassuring me that 80% of call backs were negative, I was looking into whether I was entitled to days off work for treatments, appointments etc. it was only on the day before the appointment, when I was on my own, did I start to wobble, and knocking a coffee over near my laptop while working reduced me to a snivelling mess. 

When I arrived, I was taken straight into the ultra sound room. The radiologist introduced himself, then pointed at the screen and said “and this is your tumour!” After scanning me, he then confirmed that he was 90% sure that it was malignant, and took 2 core biopsies, and he asked me if I would like to see them. As he held the specimens up, I looked straight at it and said " You can f*** off, I have no room for you in my life!" We don’t know what grade it is yet, but we know it’s there, I’ve met it! 

When I told my daughter, her reaction was that everything happens for a reason, as if she hadn’t been through it herself successfully, she would have been sobbing on the floor hearing that I had cancer. But she knows that the thought of all the treatments and appointments are a lot worse than the actual event, and that as long as you stay positive, you can get through. As she kissed me goodbye this evening, she whispered in my ear “We’ve got cancer, it hasn’t got us!”

I am going to take that thought into the appointment tomorrow and face this head on! I have the trip of a lifetime to New York booked on 4th March for my amazing partners 60th birthday, and the short term lodger that I have hosted over Christmas will not ruin that! 

I know that I have a long journey ahead,and I will have many different emotions on the way. I haven’t cried yet, but I’m sure that will come tomorrow when the reality hits home but I am putting all my energy into beating this, I have a wonderful network of family and friends who are with me and I am putting all my faith into the highly trained team that are about to start on this journey with me. Cancer has no chance against us lot! 

Positive Mental Attitude may not cure it, but it will help you control it rather than it controlling you!

My thoughts are with everyone waiting callback appointments, results or treatments xXx


Hi oneoffour, welcome to the club no-one wants membership of!  We are the same age (different cancer) and I love your attitude, although I’m not sure your ultrasound chap and I would have got on very well - bit crass to show you the tumour without any prior warning?!  Your daughter sounds amazing and it’s great you have lots of support from friends and family.  Like other users on here, I have found I can say things here I just can’t bring myself to say to my nearest and dearest for all sorts of reasons.  I am sure you will find the same support too ? X

Hi, I’m 52, different cancer too. Had surgery and due to start chemo after 18 Jan. Oneoffour, your attitude is great and by the sounds of it you have an amazing daughter! Wishing you both and you tatfortit, loads of good luck for the journey we are all on! Xx

Your message is a wonderful read. And our thoughts are with you too. Go grab 2016 with both hands xxx

Thank you Tit4tat, Kim and Ali, for making me feel part of the crew! ? Happy 2016 all! 

 I now know that I have a Grade 2 invasive ductal tumour, that is oestrogen receptive, which is exactly the same as my daughter, aunt and grandmother. Although none of us have had the testing, the odds are stacking up that we have the abnormal BRAC gene, and I wondered if anybody here has had the counselling and/or testing? 

my daughter didn’t want the test when she was diagnosed, but now that I have it too, we have discussed me having the test, so that we know for sure. She has just got engaged, and is hoping to have a family in the future, so I think it would be beneficial to know for my (hopefully) grandchildren.

i wondered if anybody here had any views or experiences that may help us decide whether to go ahead with it?

That’s an awful lot to process, Blossom Hill, not at all surprised you’ve been hitting the wine!  My user name should probably be G&T for the same reason :wink:  


Blossom and Oneoffour, it might be worth starting your own thread with a relevant title to attract other ladies with the BRCA gene?  There’s lots of general support on the boards, but I have a rare cancer and know how you crave being able to talk to someone in a similar situation.  Sending hugs xx



Evening oneoffour sending big hugs I was diagnosed stage 2 lobular last September have had lumpectomy and sentinel node test …of course it was positive having third round of chemo tomorrow …positive mental attitude does help …the down side is people think you are fine and if one more person says are u ready for tomorrow I may end up behind bars …it’s a club we don’t want to join but one where we support each other through the journey and obe say we will look back and laugh. .not convinced but that’s what I’m told xx big hugs


Hope all goes well, and I am sure it will.

On the 24th November 2015 I had a routine mamogram and was re-called 10th December.

I saw an amazing consultant and had my lump removed on Christmas Eve, along with a couple of lymphnodes.  Last week I was told it was an early grade 2 breast cancer but she had got it all and I am now waiting to see the oncologist regarding my starting radiotherapy.

Hello Newly diagnosed.



2 years I was hit with the same thing as you, after going for my regular mammogram.

Shocked, but our family had already gone through so much loss the previous two years that I felt relieved to find out the"IT"that had invaded me was in my chest wall. I had it removed Chtistmas Eve 2015 and came out Christmas Day to be spoilt by my Husband and our family.


The cancer was stage 2 and was all taken out, then had radiotherapy and on the letrozole until my 5 years are up.


For me the treatment and tablets have given me troubles I never had before but, I do not have cancer, so for that I am happy,