newly diagnosed

hi , after my first mamogram i had a call back for further tests which revealed  i have 3 clusters , the one biopsied  is cancerous , the consultant wanted another biopsy to see if another was the same and i go for my result next week ,I have been given a choice of wide excision and radiotherapy or mastectomy but only if the 2nd cluster isnt cancerous if it is then just the mastectomy .I am leaning towards the mastectomy more for piece of mind and that there is a chance i may need further surgery otherwise , this has been the hardest week of my life i am crying one minute and making jokes the next , Then theres the reconstruction options i have large boobs and i have a great fear of being lop sided lol . I know i am not alone and wondered if anyone had any words of wisdom .

Hi Tracey,welcome to the Forum.Lots of advice and support here,saved my sanity when I was diagnosed almost a year ago now .Words of wisdom ?Take one step at a time ,one procedure at a time ,otherwise you get overwhelmed .The first few weeks are horrible ,shocking ,emotional but it does get better I promise ,you find a way to continue your life alongside all the “cancer c**p.”,you will feel calmer when you know what happens next and when.Jill.

Let us know how you get on.J.