Newly diagnosed


I was diagnosed with a 3cm left invasive breast cancer on 22nd December that is Oestrogen positive, I had the micro bubbles and a small wire and biopsy to my sentinel lymph node Yesterday which the doctor says look clear but results won’t come till operation day so I go for a wide local excision or mastectomy depending on the results on 6th January. I am fine and accepting one minute and just glad it’s in an area that has a good outlook then terrified it’s spread as I lost my dad to bowel cancer 18 months ago. Emotional roller coaster is an understatement. 


wanted to also say hi as Ive just been diagnosed too,

so sorry about your dad , Ive lost my mum and nan to this so I can imagine how you feel.

sounds like things are moving for you which is good and fingers crosses for the lymph node… let me know how you are if you can.

I get the up and down thing, I normal one minute then the next fear and panic and I cant function at all. then that goes and I think about everyne else … bloody awful only sleep is a break at mo and only get 4 hours of that. However  we are newly diagnosed and i m sure from what these amazing ladies on here say we will level off a bit ( I hope).

Things are really postive on here and its a relief after being told that we have BC.

thinking if you 

zena x



Hi - I was invited randomly for breast screening for under 50’s in November(I’m 49) and after the mammogram I received a letter for a follow up on 16 December due to “insufficient information” was all the letter said. When I walked in I could sense straight away the concern! The radiologist informed me she was suspicious about something that had shown up on my mammogram and so wanted to do an ultrasound scan and biopsy. I was like ??. Anyway I asked her outright if she thought it was cancer and she said “yes”. I said what if the biopsy comes back benign and she said if it did she would be querying it! So… you can imagine what sort of Xmas I have had! The ultrasound showed normal lymph node measurements (I know they would still need to test them I presume?). She said the lump looks contained in the lower left quadrant of my left breast. I now have a consultant appointment on 10th Jan no doubt to confirm her suspicions with the biopsy results (taken longer due to Xmas and new year). The wait has been horrendous if I’m honest - your mind works overtime with what’s ifs which I’m sure is a normal reaction but I am scared! Every twinge I feel in my body I’m thinking of gosh what’s that? ?? I’m up and down too, one minute positive next minute curl up into a ball and sob ?

They said it’s 22mm size wise

Jjleeds, zena and Alex1967 - you’ve found a good place where we all understand just how you’re feeling.  It is a complete roller coaster of emotions.  I was diagnosed after a routine mammogram at the end of October, and would like to reassure you that it does ease a little once you have a treatment plan in place.  I won’t lie and say everyday is a good day, but I’m finding that it’s generally more easy to distract myself and I’m now beginning to sleep better and my appetite seems to have come back over Christmas.  The worst bit I found was waiting for the results, and dont be surprised in your results either aren’t all ready when you expect them or if it’s decided you need more tests.  This forum was and still is a real lifeline to me - there are some really inspirational ladies on here who are much further down the line who are always here to offer reassurance or just to listen to rants.  


Love Jane X

hi Alex,
This period is the pits with anxiety making us imagine the worst, we’ve all been there. Thank goodness you went for that mammogram as whatever is there, will be got to the bottom of & be dealt with.
It still may not be bc, but if it is, then treatment is very goid these days, with some of the best outcomes out there.
It’s good the nodes look clear, but if treatment proceeds, they will be biopsied to confirm .
It is usual for the mind to go into overdrive, imagining the worst, so take it a step at a time, although its easier said than done!
It’s best to avoid google as it only feeds anxiety & use this site or macmillan for information.
There is loads of support here, so come & chat whenever you need to.
ann x

Thank you all so much - I’m so glad I joined! You are right the waiting is awful and others have said once I have a plan in place I will go into “task” mode. My motto is “there isn’t such a thing as a problem…just a solution”! Since I was told it was BC by the radiologist (despite yet waiting for results) I have been off work as couldn’t face it (I’m a midwife and my mind wouldn’t have been on the job 100%). My doctor gave me a sick note saying “illness” as he didn’t have anyone to go on without results - my sick note expires on 6 Jan, due back on 8th but then my consultant appointment is on 10th. Do you think it’s justified I extend my sick note until after the appointment? If so my doctor will just have to put “illness” again!

Hi Alex,

I think it is completely justified that you extend your sick leave. You are having to deal with a high level of anxiety. I did similar in that as soon as I got my diagnosis I went off sick. I am a radiographer but now work at uni and I think having some knowledge scared the life out of me. We are all different and you need to take whatever time you need and be kind to yourself.

Jo xx

Thanks Jo, you are right. We have to put ourselves first for once - hopefully after I have a plan I will feel more in control x

This is actually the first day in over 2 weeks I feel as though I can lift my chin up and it’s ALL down to this forum and YOU lovely people! I will definitely keep you posted! Yes I have told my manager at work and a few close colleagues (ironically one who told me 17 years go she had a double mastectomy that I never knew!) - there’s more women go through this that you think isn’t there?! Thank you so much to all of you xx