Newly diagnosed

Hi everyone, I’m hoping to get answers here. After my first mammogram and then core needle biopsy back in June I was diagnosed with DCIS, which was 8cmx6cmx4cm in size. I had a lumpectomy to remove and results came back sept 3rd saying they had found 4mm invasive tumor, I am now scheduled to have SNB on the 24th sept. I am ER+ PR- and HER2 equivocal. Has anyone else had similar experience to this and what was the treatment that was offered. I’ve been told I will have to have radiotherapy and also talk of hormone therapy but would like to hear from anyone else in the same boat. ?

Hi Floyd,
Presumably the tumour was removed in the lumpectomy, so the SNB will be just to check the node(s).
Radiotherapy & hormone treatment is standard for this & many of us have been through similar. I had a 7mm er+ bc, followed by rads, then tamoxifen for 10 years. If you’re post menopausal, then a different hormone treatment maybe recommended.
Obviously, the treatment plan will be confirmed after the SNB.
ann x

Hi Ann, thank you for your reply. I turned 50 in April and just entering menopause. I guess that’s why they got PR-. Did you have SNB and if so what was your experience of that? I’m trying to stay busy with work to help keep me occupied but it’s difficult. I’m English living in Canada, with my husband and two youngest children. Our eldest is married and lives in the UK. They seem to do things a little different from the UK. My sister who is a nurse in the UK thought they would have done the SNB when I had the lumpectomy but they don’t offer that. How old was you when you was first diagnosed? 10 years sounds such a long time to take medication, did you have any side effects with that? Thanks it’s great to finally have someone to talk to about this who has been through it all. Joanne. x

Hi Floyd,
I had a diagnosis of invasive bc beforehand, so the SNB was done at the same time, through the same incision, so it was no problem really. Maybe, as your invasive bc only came to light afterwards, this then made the SNB necessary?
Others here have had the usual soreness afterwards or maybe some fluid build up - seroma, which resolves. You will given some arm exercises to do post operatively.
I was 55 at diagnosis & peri menopausal, so was commenced on tamoxifen, I ‘ve been fine on it, so have opted to stay on it rather than change to anastrozole, which the oncologist & surgeon are happy with. As ever, the list of side effects looks daunting, but many of us tolerate it just fine or at least find any side effects manageable. So see how you get on & try not to pre-judge it. Also bear in mind that, understandably, those having problems will post on forums, so the experience reported is not necessarily representative.
ann x

Hi, thank you for putting my mind at ease. I’m getting a little nervous about the SNB on Monday but will be glad to see the back of it. Hopefully I won’t have to long to wait for the results. Thanks again for the advice. I will let you know how I get on next week.
Joanne. x

Hi, I’m home and recovering from SLNB. The radioactive injections were quite painful but quick at least. The surgeon came and checked to see if he could find the liquid on the tracer before he even started surgery which was good. Not sure how many lymph nodes he got but hopefully it’s enough to test and see if it’s spread. I don’t know that he used a blue dye tho because I don’t have a blue tinge to my skin or pee. I am fairly swollen but am managing to get my exercises done but managing with over the counter pain meds. Surgeon was able to tell me my HER2 score was re tested and came back negative so providing the nodes come back clear I will just have to have radiotherapy and tamoxifen. I’m keeping everything crossed for that outcome. You ladies are so strong who have been through this awful disease and I am pleased to have found this forum where we can chat about everything and anything. Stay positive everyone.