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Hi I’ve just been diagnosed with an invasive cancer lump, didn’t think to ask what grade it was but consultant said it was small and they’d caught it early I am having lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy next week and am feeling somewhat apprehensive. Any advice please?


Sorry to hear your news

I was diagnosed 8 weeks ago and had a lumpectomy and lymph node biopsy. My diagnosis was grade 1 and no lymph inolvement! I am now on tamoxifen and start radiotherapy next week. These times are hard all the waiting and the medical jargon. Try and have someone with you when you speak to docs so they can help you ask any questions!!!

It took me ages to register on this site but its fab always someone to talk to.

Good luck and keep posting


Kay x

Hi dozey

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Care forums. I am sure you will get lots of help and advice from the many informed users of this site.

You may find useful BCC’s resource pack, it has been designed for those newly diagnosed. The pack is free of charge as are all our publications. If you would like a copy just follow the link below:

If you feel you need to talk to someone in confidence then please give the helpline a call, the staff here are all either breast care nurses or people who have personal experience of breast care issues. The number to call is 0808 800 6000 the lines open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm and Saturdays 9am - 2pm.
I hope this is of some help to you.

Kind regards

BCC Facilitator

Hi dozey, sorry you have had to join us but i know you will get lots of advice and support from all the lovely ladies here. It is only natural to be feeling apprehensive right now but once you have your treatment plan things do get easier. I had a WLE and SNB last july and was realy scared at the time, but i neednt have been it wasnt nearly as bad as id imagined ,i had a 2.3cm invasive tumour grade 3 with high grade DCIS . I didnt have any pain after surgery just a bit uncomfortable, i also had the SNB done through the same incision as the tumour site so only have one very neat scar.
It is certainly a rollercoaster when you are DX with BC but just take one step at a time, i found that was the best way to cope with things. Ive just finished treatment haveing had 8 x chemo and 23 rads which ended about a fortnight ago and am now on Tamoxifen for 5 yrs,
Listen to your body and rest when you need to, do accept any offers of help when you come home from hospital, and keep doing the exercises and you will be fine.
Good luck and please let us know how you get on
All the Best
Hugs Lindiloo xx

Hi dozey
Sorry you’ve had to join us. I had a lumpectomy & sentinel node biopsy 11 months ago, my tumour was contained & had not spread but it was a grade 3 so i had chemo & radio. I wrote down questions i thought of in a notebook for when i saw the doctors/nurses as i couldn’t remember anything they said, also wrote down the answers! the staff were lovely when i had surgery, i was quite scared but the health care assistant held my hand whilst i drifted off to sleep, when i woke up in recovery i cried (with relief that bit was over i think) and the recovery nurse gave me a hug & a tissue! Was pretty weepy for a few weeks after the surgery but friends & my cat kept me smiling through the ups & downs. Be kind to yourself, take it easy, let people look after you. You’ll get through it. The sentinel node biopsy left me with a blue nipple which i wasn’t quite prepared for when i looked down my nighty after the op so don’t be surprised about that. It fades.
Take care,
Rivergirl xx

i was diagnosed last Oct and its not easy. i have had my chemo and am having lumpectomy next week.My hubby has been with me throughout as it goes in one ear and out the other, and I ask him so many questions for hours after wards.Mine was early but big that’s why i had chemo first.Am starting herceptin tomorrow and radio about 4 weeks after op-Iknow this all sound gibberish - it did to me - but you get used to it and like others have said listen to your body and rest - its hard when you are used to being active -but you have no choice


Sounds exactly like my case.I went in on Thurs 3rd April and got out Sat 5th April.Scars a wee bit bigger than expected, but not as painful as I thought.I,ve only taken painkillers once a day.Pre op a bit more involved than anyone told me as I had a wire put in on Thursday night and op on Friday morning.A bit uncomfortable but not unbearable. I go back for results of biopsies on Tuesday 15th April.

I found all of the staff excellent and helpful.Don’t be scared to ask for information/painkillers or whatever helps you through it all. This site has been the most informative I have found on the net.Since I’m a wee bit ahead of you I’ll keep you posted on the next stages.I think the radiotherapy comes after the scars start to heal in around 4 or 5 weeks. Meanwhile, best of luck and don’t worry too much over the Doom & Gloom merchants! Keep positive!


Thanks everyone for all your supportive comments it really helps I wish you all well with your respective treatments and will keep you posted on my progress. Keep smiling

Hi Dozey,

Sorry to see you here too, but then I wasn’t expecting to be here either.

I have recently been diagnosed 03/04/08, grade 2 invasive ductal, small lump as didn’t even show up on mammo in March 08. Seen Doc booked op to have a bilateral Mastectomy with recon at same time begining of May my choice due strong to family history so more preventative measure really to have both done, chemo and radio and tamoxifen for 5 yrs.

It all sounds so scary and it is the jargon that frightens you, I have explained to my children what will happen and have support of friends and family. I hope you too have a good support network around you right now and know that you can rely on them. I am sure you have but with the help, support and advice here I am sure we can all get through this. I had a couple of weeks to get my head around things before telling anyone and I made the decision on my own, other family members don’t agree with my choice but it’s not their cancer it’s mine (not for long though).

You will get through this help support and good advice and a shoulder to shed a tear on. Good luck with your treatment stay strong.x

Hi Karen and welcome to the forums.

I am posting to point out the ‘resource pack’ information in a post from my colleague to dozey earlier in this thread, you are very welcome to use the link and information too if you feel it would be helpful to you.

Best wishes

I am not sure if I have missed you but wanted to wish you the best of luck, You are lucky to have your husband to support you through this. Mine left last year day after my birthday. I did tell him before we both sat with the kids ages 11,14,18 and about to be a mum herself(young I know but happens). I needed them to be aware of what was going to happen and explain in a clear and matter of fact way which we did as their parents. But suddenly he has told the kids that I have had the lump dealt with and I am ok now. Very odd not sure if he has taken it all in or know how to deal with it and understand the effect it will have on our relationship during our divorce which of course has now been put on hold. He also has not told his girlfriend either according to the kids. But hey I am about to be a grandma so looking forward to that right now. Then Op on 9th May and start to recover. My love and best wishes to you and yours Karen x

Hi Karen I’ve had my lumpectomy and SNB 3 days ago now I’m better than I thought I would be just bruised swollen and numb along the scarv and under my arm it feels funny now it’s just a waiting game for the lymph biopsy results. Your soon to be ex has been a bit underhand to say the least I’d say.He obvously doesn’t understand or want to understand the real picture but I would think your 18 yr old daughter will take it all on board. Congratulations on going to be a granny I have 3 and 1 due to arrive in approx 4/5 weeks time; at least this will help to keep your mind off your problems a bit. I don’t blame you for putting the divorce on hold you have enough to contend with without that stress and believe me having been through divorce 12 yrs ago it is stressful however amicable you split. Take care and keep in touch, dozey

Hi dozey,

Glad you’ve got the op over with.My scars are just starting to look ok-ish.My skin’s in a terrible state as I think I’ve had a reaction to the horrible sticky dressings.After a couple of days I started to use plain gauze and micropore. Unfortunately, I have to go back in next week to have a full axillary clearance as there were 2 nodes affected so I feel I’m being put back a couple of weeks.I also have to have chemotherapy now.I’ve decided that if I lose my hair I’ll buy the best wigs I can find and maybe go for more adventurous hairstyles.Folk might think I’m just having a mid-life crisis!

Karen-I think your ex has been a horror, so you’re probably better off without him.It must be nice to have a new baby on the horizon, especially when you can have all the pleasure and none of the pain of delivery!

Take care ladies

Hi Tricia that’s bad luck don’t get my results until next week so i’m keeping my fingers crossed. I’m trying to cope with having 1 boob twice the size of the other!! the bruising is really coming out now but itseems to be healing well and I’m getting used to the darting pins and needles effect. I’m hoping I’ll get away without chemo but if it has to be then I’m not sure on the wig bit I have got one and only wore it once as it made me really hot and I felt very self conscoius, still may feel totally different if I had no hair. Good luck anyway I hope it all goes well and that the chemo doesn’t affect you too much.

Hope you,re still thinking positive and planniong nice things for your future grandchild does your daughter know what sex it is yet or doesn’t she want to know until the birth?

Take care both
Dozey xx

Hi Millsie
Nice to hear from you, I agree this site is a great support like you I didn’t realise there were so many younger ladies with BC it’s bad enough when you’re in your 50’s as i am but must be really shattering news if you’re younger. Was told i would get my appt for results on 29th haven’t had my letter yet but no doubt it will turn up so just keeping my fingers crossed till then. When are you having your op? I’m sure you’ll be fine.
Take Care anyway
Dozey x