newly diagnosed

hi to you all

i had and beat breast cancer 17 years ago after chemo and masectomy, so you can imagine my shock and disbelief at being told i had metastatic cancer in my lung and bones all this time later. i had a rough two weeks when they misdiagnosed me with pneumonia but since i have started my treatment things have settled down apart from severe tiredness. i am on ribicuclub and letrovose everyday and find it hard to believe that i can feel relatively well while being so ill. i think the best thing this forum has given me is hope. when i see people who are 5 years in and longer i am beginning to believe i am not going anywhere just yet am and definitely going to make the best of the time i have left.

hi I am in similar situation secondaries in lungs and pelvis and base of spine13 years after initial breast cancer. Initially was told it wasnt secondaries but 5 months later was found to be after mammogram. Been on letrozole and palbociclib for over a year which scans show things stable. You are right the forum shows people living so much longer with secondaries. Keep well and strong Liz

I was diagnosed a year ago - straight to stage four with mets in the bones. I’m on Pacibiblib and Letrosole and so far so good. I agree about feeling well. It’s so odd to be so ill and feel well! I exercise a lot and try to eat well. I’ve also given up alcohol. I said to my oncologist on Monday that it is strange to feel so well. She said that’s the aim of newer treatments. I agree with you and try to enjoy it. Not a bad maxim in life!

Hi Turtle,

I too was 16 years clear before secondary found in bones and a few spots in liver. I’m nearly 5 years now with secondary’s so take heart, there are lots of new drugs out there now that weren’t available even 5 years ago such as the drug combo you are on. 

I remember when I had my primary diagnosis my little girl was only 1yrs old. I didn’t think I would see her start school. Last month I watched her graduate from University!  So we still have a lot of living to do… xxx