Next op removal of my lymph nodes

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i had a Mastectomy last november, with a lymph node biopsy, the results of the biopsy was positive, so after an infection cleared up, cancelling the next op, i now have a new date, 11th jan, the longer its gone on, the worse i feel, am really dreading this op, its still quite hard under my arm, and im still quite swollen, when i had my mastectomy, the worst bit, was under my arm, where they had taken the node biopsy, i am also very red and sore, which they seem to think is perculier to me, as i have no infection now! im finding it very hard to sleep now, the closer it getting, i think i will be a gibbering wreck, on the op day! any useful advice would be most helpful, thanks for reading this! love angie xx

Posted on behalf of new member angie

had a anc 5th december 3 weeks after mx like you i was dreading it so much still felt tired etc from last op all i can say is it was not as bad as i thought my arm was a lot stiffer cant get clothes over your head at first. it is a bit more painful under arm then the mx please do excercises they hurt but worth it 4 weeks on id say i had 90% use of my right arm. i used painkillers for a few days but the rest is more discomfort really. how long are you in for i was out next day and had to fight for that one night went home with drains in they are the worst bit. good luck x
jenny x

thanks for your reply jenny,
im glad it wasnt as painful as you thought, yes, i was an overnighter, with my mx, the drain fell out the next day! so i had to get drained every week, for a few weeks, its still swollen, and very red and sore, but no infection now, i should hope not, after all the botics they threw down my throat, i slept a bit better last night, but think it was down to exhaustion! lol i realise exercise is important, as it was only after i told them, my arm was getting stiff, 2 weeks after my mx, that it was discovered, my information pack, was minus the exercise sheet! lol
think ill be out the day after again, next friday, depending how my asthma is, so, will be coming home on the saturday, i shall just have to try and not think about it, (operation) as i really dont want my hubby dragging me in to the hospital next week, lol
love angie xx

Hi Angie
I had a full node clearance on Tuesday after a Lumpectomy and SNB in November. I too had this 2nd op delayed but due to a cough,I was meant to have it on the 15th of December. I also felt I hadn’t completely recovered from the first op and still had pain in my breast and around the scar area.
I stayed in for one night and I came home with the drain in yesterday. I am in nowhere near as much pain as I was from the lumpectomy and SNB despite them going in through the same scar and making it a bit bigger. I do have some pain but its manageable with just paracetamol and diclofenac. Under my armpit is very tight and the whole area aches but I’m OK. The worst bit is lugging this drain around as as i’m still losing a lot of fluid I think I will still have it until Monday.
The best advice I can offer you is to keep up the meds even if the pain does seem to ease off a bit and do the exercises just after you take your meds (one they have kicked in) Don’t let yourself get constipated and if you havent been to the loo by the second day then take something.
Good luck and I hope it all goes well for you
Funki x

Hi all,
I’m having a full cleance on Wednesday after Lumpectomy and SNB mid December. Having MRI tomorrow to see what else is there. Am a bit scared 'cos am having to go as a day case. Good luck to you all and God Bless. x