NICE Guidelines & Scotland

NICE Guidelines & Scotland

NICE Guidelines & Scotland Just to let all the Scottish users know that NICE guidelines do NOT apply in Scotland, I emailed BCC ask the nurse to find out.
The guidelines for Scotland can be found at the following address:

Hope this solves the dilemma


Guidelines for Scotland Can I have the website address for the Scottish equivalent to the NICE guidelines. Cannot get into the one left by Sharleen.



The link above is the guidelines:

Failing that go into and the search for the guidlines the title of them is “Cancer Genetics Services in Scotland” thier dated March 2001


Hi all! Sharleen’s link is for genetic guidlines (thanks, found out info relevent to my Sis).

The equivalent to NICE is the Scottish Medicines Consortium

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— In Scotland the Scottish Medicines Consortium deal with medicines only, the Scottish Executive lay down all guidelines, this link I posted was givento me through BCC ask the nurse.