NICE still procrastinating over evaluation of Cyberknife

I’m very frustrated that NICE, are again delaying the evaluation of Cyberknife, and other forms of stereotactic radiotherapy, and I want peeps on here to know what has been going on (and hopefully start jumping up and down)…
The Care Minister, Mr Paul Burstow told Parliament on the 18th January 2011 that the Government had instructed the National Raqdiotherapy Implementation Group to evaluate Cyberknife and other forms of stereotactic radiotherapy, and that their findings would inform NICE evaluation. He also added that the Government are committed to the speedy introduction of new cancer technologies (which is why they have introduced their “Improving Outcomes—A Strategy for Cancer” document), and hoped to have Cyberknife evaluated by the end of 2011. Anyway, the NRIG finally produced the report at the beginning of June, and it recommended that stereotacticc radiotherapy should be funded outright for stage 1 inoperable lung cancer, and for other cancers within a clinical trial setting - however, despite this , and despite Sir Liam Donaldson (the Chief Medical Officer), asking NICE to undertake a fast track review of Cyberknife last year, NICE have now decided (following talks with the Department of Health), that they will only evaluate Cyberknife if the manufacturer, Accuray, nominate it to their medical technologies committee for evaluation (and incidentally this will involve taking it apart and evaluating virtually every nut and bolt).
Fortunately, I have been in contact with Accuray, and they confirm that they now intend to nominate Cyberknife to NICE’s Medical Technologies Committee (now that NICE have decided that it is appropriate for them to evaluate it !), but how much longer is all this going to take?
I hope you will all write to your MP’s to stress how important it is that NICE get on and do this, because as the Daily Express article recently pointed out, this technology could save 3500 lives per year (see link to article below).

Nobody has commented, and I’m quite shocked by that.

Hi Lemongrove
I must admit I am not surprised about the procrastination it seems today that is the norm and saving/extending real peoples lives are not a priority I will certainly write to my MP and do anything else we need to do to ‘shame’ them into taking action. x

Thanks Lemongrove,
I’m sure it’s just to save money. I’ll write to my MP. He’s a bit of a waste of space as an MP - nothing to do with which party he belongs to.

Is there anyone else we can write to?

It is so important. No-one knows when they may be in need of this treatment. it is such a waste to have four machines in the UK if they are not being used well.

Thanks lemongrove your right we do need to jump up & down seems too many cut backs always boils down to money. Makes me think of what I see on the news the other day where they were saying soon HALF the nation will have some form of cancer (what a horrific thought) I immediatetly though OMG aren’t the NHS going to struggle on an already struggling budget :frowning:

Have just seen your message - disgraceful attitude for NICE to take - it’s not a new treatment over in USA and mainland Europe and evaluation is needed over here fast!!! Will certainly be following up on this with my MP. Thanks for raising this with us

I will write to my MP. Though I doubt he is a person who would do anything.
Last time my OH wrote to him with concerns about redundancies at one of the part-state owned banks who were instead bringing in foreign workers on short term contracts. The MP wrote back to say that he and his party encourage diversity in the work force…OH got made redundant…
Above experience means we do need to shout and make ourselves heard.
I was wondering whether we can find out who the health experts are in the shadow cabinet? I do know of one MP who may be moved to help as he has personal experience of bc.
Has anyone already written a letter that we can copy and paste? That’s how 38degrees get so many people to act, make it easy…

bumping in case others missed this over this lovely sunny weekend.

just rereading Lemongrove’s initial posting in prep for writing to my MP

Have now written by my MP on this issue. Am happy to send a copy of letter -largely based on Lemongrove’s info - if you want to PM me.

I’m pleased and grateful that at least a few will be writing to their MP’s, but surprised that others are not more interested, given that the NRIG report estimated that making stereotactic radiotherapy available could save an estimated 3500 lives per year.
Anyway, now that NICE have looked at the NRIG report and decided that Cyberknife is an appropriate technology for them to evaluate, they are now prepared to accept a nomination (request), from the manufacturer of Cyberknife (Accuray), to have it evaluated (and Accuray intend to do that). Consequently, your MP’s can help by writing to Mr Paul Burstow, to keep things on the front burner.

Hi Lemongrove
Letter sent to my MP today. Thanks Fran for sharing. I agree that pressure is what is required here to ensure the timelines do not continue to stretch.
Whilst I was at it, I thought I would also write to the shadow health secretary…
Have a good weekend.
Regards, Nikki

Fran or Lemongrove

I didn’t purposefully ignore this, I have been away!

Could you please send/PM me a copy of the letter that you wrote to base mine on? I will try but have ZERO confidence in my MP after last year’s experience. There was something on here we were asked to support regarding secondary awareness/statistics. My MP (or rather a secretary) wrote back saying he won’t sign the motion, as he believed the government were doing enough to increase screening and early detection of bowel cancer!!! I was incensed, he obviously hadn’t read my letter at all. I was going to the press and had a letter drafted, but decided I didn’t want the publicity at the time.

I will try again!

Missed this thread originally!
Will be contacting MP. Hope others who may have missed post see it now and take action too.

will definitely look for this article which I have obviously missed How anyone had the nerve to call this organistion NICE had the wierdest sense of humour it is the most disatrous organistion in the country - how many lives have they lost.