Nice to see Men using this again

Hello - i am a survivor of 10 years now - was very active on this site in during my journey - 2004 to 2007 - we were a group of 5 regulars then. One by One the guys stopped using the site and lost touch with each other.
I am just saying its nice to see guys chatting with guys again well done - use it or loose it is the wording…
I only pop in now and again to see what is going on - my treatment, all those years ago, is now history - dont know about the new…

David, I’m going to try to pop by every so often too - just a few of the right words at the right time from people who were in or had been through BC helped me enormously - I’d like to repay the debt.

Hi David, Hi Phill

Wow, it’s great to see some men on here. It isn’t just women who get BC, it’s men too - A chap at my hubbies work has been dx with bc too.

I’ve just recently been dx and am due for a wle on Friday.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and it’s great to see you both here and congratulations on your 10 year recovery.

Best wishes,

Good on you guys!!! :slight_smile:

Hi I too still pop in from time to time to see what is going on. There used to be quite a few men posting on this site about 10 years ago, but recently it has become quiet.
I hope more men will be able to post here and exchange information with others.

David S

Just to share the sad news that my husband who was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 1999 had 8 months of chemo every week for 8 months before his masectomy and finished his radiotherapy treatment on Christmas Eve 1999 had a wonderful 13 years cancer free, then in May of this year was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer all the way down his spine, and managed to break C2 & C3 so was wearing a Miami J neck brace, passed away on the last night of our wonderful holiday in Cornwall on Thursday 18th July 2013.
Mike was one of the early men with Breast cancer and was a regular on the forums here,he also took part in the BCC fashion show being the only man with 22 lady survivors, he also did several newspaper and tv interviews to try to raise the awareness of this and the importance of men checking themselvesd, over the years the numbers seem to have increased. Good luck to you all and enjoy every day you can.
Liz Burns

Hi liz, I’ve only recently been dx with this life changing disease, but have just read your post, I’m very sorry for your loss. Mike sounds like he worked hard to highlight being breast aware. I’m sure when you have quiet times and look back you will have the most lovely memories of all your years together. Once again very sorry, god bless x

Hi Liz. So sorry to read of your loss. Such sad news that after 13 years your husband was diagnosed again and passed away so soon after but so lovely to hear you managed to get away together. May he rest in peace free from pain. God bless you and your family xxx

Dear Liz

May I pass on our sincere condolences from all of us here at BCC on the sad news about Mike to you and your family and friends

Take care


Sorry to hear about Mike - spoke to him rarely but sad loss to BC
thoughts with family & friends

Thank you so much

Thankyou Lucy for all your support over the years and the macmillan nurses too

Thankyou David so pleased to see you are still using this forum it was such a support to Mike and I over the years