Nicky Avery

I don’t know if this is in the right category, my apologies if not. If my memory serves me correctly, I think this young man used to post on here. I read this in today’s Sun.


The youngest man ever diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK has died aged 28. Labourer Nicky Avery had campaigned tirelessly to raise awareness of the disease which strikes 300 a year. He was diagnosed at 24 and had a mastectomy but later developed liver and bone cancer. The Arsenal fan, of Southchurch, Essex, married girlfriend Cheryl Perkins, 28, in April. He died on Monday. A spokesman for Southend Hospital, where he was treated, said: “He was a very brave man and a great inspiration.”

Rest in peace, Nicky

That is very sad to hear.

How sad such a young man and good that he tried to raise awareness of this awful disease. My thoughts are with his wife family and friends.

Anne x x

So very Sad…RIP Nicky,…sincere condolences to his family and friends x

Very sorry to hear this, my thoughts are with his wife and family at this awful time

Max x

it is so sad that another very young person has died of bc.
rest in peace nicky and thoughts to your family.

How very sad, and another example of how indescriminatly BC chooses its victims. Thank you Nicky for raising awareness of this awful disease.


Thanks for posting this about Nick

I didn’t know him personally but we were both under the same oncologist at Southend Hospital and I saw him about a few times. He always seemed like a nice cheerful sort of chap and I was very upset to hear of his passing.

My condolences go to his wife and family.

Another young life taken too soon :frowning:

I’ve only just found this thread and just wanted to agree with all the previous comments.
I too had treatment at Southend and on one occasion Nicky and his wife where in the chair next to me. They had not long been married and the staff were all thanking them for the photos.
Nicky was very proud of his Arsenal tattoo and of the fact he shared his love of Arsenal with his oncologist.
Such a sad thing to have happened, he was so obviously loved and liked by everyone that knew him.
Sending my sincere condolences,
Sandra x

Hi all,
This is so sad and sorry for not looking before but it’s not the sort of thing i would normally do,
anyway my name is Lance and i was the other man on the fashion show in 2008 with Nicky and what a great young cheeky chap he was,he always had a smile on his face,always had time for you and was so determined to do all he could to make men aware of this disease.
He got to meet his idol “Ian Wright” and had a photo posing with him.
Sorry but whenever i put the fashion show dvd on for family or friends it always bring a tear to my eye, because when he first comes on the catwalk the whole place cheers and he laps up and loves the moment like a pro.
Can remember the first time we met, we went to the pub which was owned at the time by Madonna and Guy.
Well i will always see him in the dvd and remember the great short time i spent with this fantastic young man,
God bless you Nicky,
Condolences and thoughts with his Wife and Family,
Lance x

I remember his plight and how shocked he was being the youngest - but cancer is has no respect for age it can take anyone - RIP Nicky and deepest sympathy to his Wife, Family and Friends…


I was in the 2006 fashion show…

How mournful such a young man & nice that they tried to raise awareness of this horrible disease.

so sad dud